Are You Aware Of These Fire Hazards?

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House fires can have devastating consequences such as destroying possessions, threatening people’s lives, and making properties unsafe. You must make yourself aware of all the fire hazards in the home or yours could be at risk.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers a range of cleaning services from fire damage cleaning to smoke odour removal. Its fully qualified technicians are available nationwide and can be on-site in a matter of hours in an emergency.

Keep reading to find out what the biggest fire hazards in your home are.


The leading cause of house fires in the UK is cooking. Chip pans, frying pans, and dirty grills, for example, are at risk of catching fire due to the amount of oil used and produced by them.

Thoroughly cleaning these appliances will get rid of any oil build-up and reduce the likelihood of a grease fire. Don’t leave your cooking unattended, either, and keep any combustibles like curtains far away from heat sources and appliances in use.

Electrical equipment

Problems with appliances, wires, and plug sockets are common fire hazards. Make sure you switch off and unplug appliances after your use them and avoid leaving anything to charge overnight.

If you are using extension cords, you must not cover it up or the heat it produces can’t escape and may result in a fire. Don’t overload extension cables with high-power appliances like space heaters and kitchen appliances, as well, as it could overheat.


Burning candles can quickly lead to a fire when left near flammable items, like curtains or fabrics. When you use candles, keep them far away from your possessions, set them down on fireproof surfaces, and extinguish them before you leave the room.

Ensure unsupervised children don’t play with them, too, as they could accidentally start a fire or hurt themselves.


Cigarettes can cause fires if they touch a flammable surface or are not fully extinguished in an ashtray. It is recommended that you don’t smoke indoors, or you use deep ashtrays with wide brims. You should also empty the contents of the ashtray into a non-combustible container, not the bin.

Even if you are careful when smoking in your home, it can still damage your property like staining your walls and leaving behind an unpleasant tobacco odor.  This lingering smell is not just off-putting, it can put you at risk of serious health problems, including cancer and respiratory issues.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians are cigarette smoke odor removal specialists that can quickly and effectively remove all traces of the smell. They will use non-toxic, non-abrasive chemicals and industry-leading equipment to tackle odors and make the property safe to live in.

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning’s wide range of specialist cleaning services on its website.

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