House of Stones: A Large House with Organic Interaction

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Completed in 2017 by mf+arquitetos, House of Stones is a large house located in a strategic location in Franca. It is a residential project with an organic interaction between architecture and nature. Various materials are used to define the whole form and structure of this house.


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This house is oriented towards the mountains of Minas Gerais. There is an extensive going-of-the-box lined with stones that can frame the beautiful landscape around the house. Inside this box is the main living area consisting of a kitchen, living, and dining that opens to the views.



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Various materials such as brick, wood, and stone are used to design this house. Those materials also define the blocks and the sector of the house that creates an organic interaction between architecture and nature.



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This house is located in Franca, Brazil and it has 630 m2 in size. Mônica Costa was assigned for this house landscaping while Alexander / cenafer for the engineering.


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Photographer: Renato Moura

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