5 Lovely Bedroom Ideas In Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you want to create an aesthetic and natural look at the same time for your bedroom, adding mid-century modern furniture can be the best choice.

Before adding the furniture, let’s find out what exactly a mid-century modern is. It is a popular interior design in the middle of the twentieth century in the United States. It combines clean lines, natural materials, and vibrant colors.

When you add mid-century modern furniture to your bedroom, you will get an aesthetic, natural, and simple look. This kind of furniture usually has sleek lines with a design focused on functionality. Mid-century modern furniture is also often made of manmade materials and natural materials.

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have gathered lovely bedroom ideas in mid-century modern furniture for you below.

1. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 3

The first lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture comes from Phelps Residence by Assembledge+. This residence has a cozy bedroom filled with mid-century modern furniture. The presence of a wooden chair, a bench, and also a record player stand & vinyl storage cabinet enhance the mid-century modern look.

Photographer: Paul Vu


2. Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Bolton Est 6

Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN has a lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture perfect for your small bedroom. The bed in this bedroom is the mid-century modern furniture that becomes the main highlight of the room. The wooden floor not only enhances the mid-century modern feeling but also provides a warmer atmosphere.

Photographer: Mario C. Melillo and Angus McRitchie


3. Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects

Hamptons Bungalow 6

The lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture in Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects is about creating a simple look with the presence of clean lines from the furniture. Look at the black round table next to the bed in this bedroom. It has clean lines and a unique leg design that attracts everyone’s attention.

Photographer: Costas Picadas


4. West Roy Residence by SkB Architects

West Roy Residence 5

Designed by SkB Architects, West Roy Residence has a lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture for you who don’t want to waste any space in your bedroom. The corner spot in this bedroom is transformed into a small study area. The wall-mounted desk and the black chair have a mid-century modern style that beautifies the interior.

Photography: Benjamin Benschneider


5. 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra

3737 Oakfield Drive 9

The last lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture we have for you comes from 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra. This house has a big bedroom filled with some pieces of mid-century modern furniture: two big chairs and an elegant white cabinet.

Image: theagencyre

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