5 Lovely Bedroom Ideas In Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Poster above striped bed in white vintage bedroom interior with

If you want to create an aesthetic and natural look at the same time for your bedroom, adding mid-century modern furniture can be the best choice.

Before adding the furniture, let’s find out what exactly a mid-century modern is. It is a popular interior design in the middle of the twentieth century in the United States. It combines clean lines, natural materials, and vibrant colors.

When you add mid-century modern furniture to your bedroom, you will get an aesthetic, natural, and simple look. This kind of furniture usually has sleek lines with a design focused on functionality. Mid-century modern furniture is also often made of manmade materials and natural materials.

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have gathered lovely bedroom ideas in mid-century modern furniture for you below.

1. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 3

The first lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture comes from Phelps Residence by Assembledge+. This residence has a cozy bedroom filled with mid-century modern furniture. The presence of a wooden chair, a bench, and also a record player stand & vinyl storage cabinet enhance the mid-century modern look.

Photographer: Paul Vu


2. Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Bolton Est 6

Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN has a lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture perfect for your small bedroom. The bed in this bedroom is the mid-century modern furniture that becomes the main highlight of the room. The wooden floor not only enhances the mid-century modern feeling but also provides a warmer atmosphere.

Photographer: Mario C. Melillo and Angus McRitchie


3. Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects

Hamptons Bungalow 6

The lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture in Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects is about creating a simple look with the presence of clean lines from the furniture. Look at the black round table next to the bed in this bedroom. It has clean lines and a unique leg design that attracts everyone’s attention.

Photographer: Costas Picadas


4. West Roy Residence by SkB Architects

West Roy Residence 5

Designed by SkB Architects, West Roy Residence has a lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture for you who don’t want to waste any space in your bedroom. The corner spot in this bedroom is transformed into a small study area. The wall-mounted desk and the black chair have a mid-century modern style that beautifies the interior.

Photography: Benjamin Benschneider


5. 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra

3737 Oakfield Drive 9

The last lovely bedroom idea in mid-century modern furniture we have for you comes from 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra. This house has a big bedroom filled with some pieces of mid-century modern furniture: two big chairs and an elegant white cabinet.

Image: theagencyre

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