Tips For Designing A Modern Garden

Modern luxury house and garden

A study by scientists at the University of Florida found that spending time in the garden can help improve mental health, according to Science Daily. A garden is an oasis of peace, where you can find refuge from the stress and fatigue of the hectic lifestyle we live. For this reason, gardens have become a crucial part of modern homes.

It’s worth noting that today’s gardens are more than just a collection of plants. Nowadays, homeowners design their gardens as a way to extend the interior space to the outdoors. To ensure your outdoor space offers comfort, beauty, and functionality, you need to incorporate fresh and inviting modern garden design ideas. Read on to learn a few tips for designing a modern garden in your home.

Maintain a Simple and Functional Geometric Design

As a general rule of thumb, your garden should look natural, not forced aspect. Therefore, consider simple geometric lines as foundations for your garden design. Depending on your preferences, choose squares, rectangles, shapes, and circles that interact with each other flawlessly. When organizing or creating zones in your garden, use geometric lines to define comfort spaces, kid’s playgrounds, sunny and shady regions, and private areas. Doing so helps you picture how you want your contemporary garden to look.

Choose Materials Wisely

Contemporary gardens connect the interiors to the outdoors through a smooth transition of materials. There are a variety of landscaping materials for garden designing. From stone to wood, ceramic tiles, iron, glass, artificial grass, and concrete, so you must select what matches your needs and style. For instance, if you want to make your garden stylish and a space that kids and adults love, incorporate turf grass.

You can add turf on the pool deck or patio to brighten the garden. With artificial grass designed for pets, you don’t have to worry about your furry friends chewing on the turf or staining it with urine or food. This type of grass is made of treated polyethylene fibers and is durable and non-toxic, a perfect fit for your pets.

Add Contemporary Features

Adding contemporary focal garden features can help bring in the wow factor. An inviting seating nook with comfortable furniture at the end of a walkway, for example, makes it an attractive view from the house. Other garden elements worth adding to your outdoor space include customized planters, water features, sculptures, unique lighting fixtures, and a garden shed. Growing specimen plants like spring flowers in the center of a patio or flower bed is another excellent way to add character to your garden.

Designing a modern garden adds tranquility to your space and improves your property value. To achieve the best results in creating a contemporary garden, use geometry lines wisely to define spaces. Also, incorporate focal features to add character, and equally important, choose garden materials that meet your needs while improving style.

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