5 Small Working Space Designs with Contemporary White Wall Storage and A Desk

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If you have a small working space, wall storage and a desk can be the storage solution to save more space. Wall storage is easy to install while a desk usually comes with more storage such as drawers. For a modern and elegant look, it is better to have those items in white.

Here is our collection of small working space designs with contemporary white wall storage and a desk to inspire you.

1. OMICS by daarchitectes


OMICS by daarchitectes has a bright interior design in its working space. Despite the small size, this working space looks awesome with white wall storage and desks. The ceiling, walls, and floor are also beautified in white. Outside views can be seen easily through the large windows.

Photographer: Antoine Bonnafous Photographer


2. Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso 2

If you live in an apartment, this small working space design with contemporary white wall storage and a desk is perfect for you. Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura offers a comfortable working space with a white desk and white wall storage. A rug is also added to create a warm atmosphere.

Photographer: Fran Parente


3. Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects

Kiah House 17

Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects is a cozy cottage that has a cozy working space as well. A modern desk and white wall storage are added to save the space. Black elements that come from the chair and the table lamp can be the space’s decoration.

Photography: Austin Maynard Architects


4. Casa Pitanga by Estudio BRA

Casa Pitanga 1

In Casa Pitanga by Estudio BRA, one can enjoy outside views while working thanks to the large window. This house has a small working space design with contemporary white wall storage and a wall-mounted desk made of concrete.

Photographer: Federico Cairoli


5. Nott Design Office by S. Hotvianskyi

Nott Design Office 1

Nott Design Office by S. Hotvianskyi offers a stunning and cozy working space for its employees. This office uses white furniture to complete the whole design of its space’s bright interior. The yellow sofa is the statement furniture in this office.

Photographer: S. Hotvianskyi

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