5 of the Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

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What would you do if your home AC unit suddenly stopped working?

Air conditioning is an absolute necessity in many places, and life can become intolerable if your air conditioner breaks down. What’s more, maintaining your air conditioner in good condition with routine maintenance is crucial because repairs can be expensive.

Being aware of some of the most typical issues that can occur with your air conditioner is also a good idea. To learn about some of the most common air conditioner problems, just keep on reading this article!

1. Clogged or Dirty Filter

A blocked or dirty filter is one of the common causes of air conditioners that don’t function properly. To determine how frequently to change your air filter, go to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some require cleaning only as they become dirty, while others must get cleaned on a quarterly or monthly basis. Checking to see if any light passes through a filter might help you decide if it needs to be cleaned.

In addition to reducing airflow, dirty filters can also cause the AC unit to freeze.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

A leaky AC unit will need to get repaired as soon as possible to avoid new AC installation.

The air conditioner won’t function properly and the temperature will change when coolant begins to leak. The cost of the repair will depend on where the leak is located, thus it is advisable to have this checked yearly by a qualified AC specialist.

3. Compressor Not Running

The refrigerant receives energy from the compressor, which drives it through the coils where heat exchange takes place. Your house won’t get cooled if the compressor isn’t operating.

Insufficient refrigerant will cause the compressor to overheat and eventually seize. Refrigerant will return to the compressor if there is too much, which could lead to compressor failure.

4. Broken Evaporator Coils

Sometimes, broken evaporator coils are the culprit. If your AC unit’s evaporator coils aren’t working properly, you won’t have cool air in your home.

A network of air ducts is used by evaporator coils to absorb heat from the air and release it as cool air back into the home. Although coils can corrode, they normally only need maintenance every three years if they are indoors.

5. Faulty Drainage

Faulty drainage is another reason why your air conditioner unit may not be working.

The drain tube can jam up with debris, dust, and lint just like the filter can. If it is clogged, water will flow out and perhaps damage the AC unit or anything nearby your pan as the drain pan fills up.

If you suspect your home AC unit has faulty drainage, it’s time to contact a repair service.

Know These Common Air Conditioner Problems

Nobody likes having to deal with the heat of summer. That’s why it’s super important to get your air conditioner problems addressed before your entire unit goes out!

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