The Wind & Solar-Powered Wholesalers That Are Changing The Energy Industry

Wind turbine and solar panel

Anyone who’s turned on the news in the last few years knows that we’re living in a world where clean energy is more important than ever.

As environmental problems become increasingly complex and widespread, many people are actively working to help solve them by creating alternative forms of power that don’t harm the environment.

Before now, however, consumers have had to rely almost entirely on their local utilities for power.

That’s changing as third-party companies come into the market with new ways of selling electricity to customers directly instead of through utility providers.

Companies Sell Clean Energy Directly To Consumers

Direct-to-consumer companies that sell clean energy directly to consumers are emerging in areas where the regulatory environment is more favorable.

Customers can buy green power from companies that do not own power plants or transmission lines but instead purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from third parties.

RECs represent the environmental attributes of a one-megawatt hour of renewable electricity generation, such as solar or wind power. In other words, a buyer can take ownership of renewable energy without actually owning any physical assets themselves.

The Carbon Footprint Of The Energy Industry And Its Contribution To The Climate Change Crisis

You may not know this, but the energy industry is one of the major contributors to climate change.

Climate change refers to a change in weather patterns (like more extreme heat waves or rainstorms) that can impact our planet’s ecosystems and make them less hospitable for the entire planet.

The carbon footprint of the energy industry and its contribution to the climate change crisis is a concern for both consumers and regulators.

Because of the climatic impact of energy production, companies are required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in order to lower their carbon footprint.

These regulations are getting stricter every year!

And that’s a good thing!

High-Paying Jobs And Plenty Of Opportunities For Advancement In The Energy Industry

If you’re looking to join the clean energy industry, there is good news; it’s a lucrative and growing market filled with opportunities.

In 2015, there were nearly 2 million jobs within the clean energy sector and that number has only increased ever since.

In addition to higher wages than in many other industries, jobs in the clean energy field offer opportunities for advancement and growth within your own career path.

For example, if you begin as an entry-level worker at one solar panel wholesaler and prove your competence through hard work and dedication, then you may be able to move up into management or even buy into ownership of your employer’s business one day!

That means you are not stuck without prospects of advancement like many other industries.

Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Way That People Buy And Sell Power

Third-party wholesalers are a new breed of energy companies that are changing the way consumers buy and sell power.

They’re creating new opportunities in a growing market, helping to meet the demand for cleaner sources of power and making it easier for people to embrace renewable energy.

So what exactly does a third-party wholesaler do?

Basically, they act as middlemen between homeowners who want to purchase solar panels or other renewable energy equipment and companies that produce those products.

The best part is when you buy solar panels from one of these companies, they will install and connect the panels directly to the grid, where they provide backup capacity when needed (or sell any excess back).

How great is that? You could be earning money!

More Companies Emerging As Demand For Cleaner Sources Of Power Grow

Renewable energy suppliers are growing in number as the demand for cleaner sources of power grows; it’s only natural that more companies are stepping up to meet it.

Some companies that were already selling energy directly to consumers have expanded their offerings to include renewable sources. Others are entering the market for the first time, and it looks like it’s only getting bigger.


It’s never been a better time to consider the benefits of clean energy.

As demand for solar and wind power grows, it’s only natural that more companies are stepping up to meet it. The next few years will see an ever-increasing number of providers with innovative new products for consumers.

There are many reasons why solar and wind power makes sense for businesses and homeowners alike.

It can lower costs, reduce carbon emissions from production plants (and homes), and improve the quality of life in communities where they’re located by providing jobs while also providing cleaner air/water around these plants.

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