3 Benefits of Comparing Various Gas and Electricity Plan Online

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According to the Australian Energy Commission, electricity for consumers and companies will be cheaper in 2023. 1,667 megawatts of solar and 2,580 megawatts of wind capacity will enter the power system, meaning prices will be lower for consumers. Australian Energy Commission’s yearly price assessments have shown power prices will continue to fall throughout 2021-2022, and prices will finally be lower than they are currently. The prices will differ by state and territory.

Comparing energy plans that are available is one of the simplest ways to cut down on energy expenses. There is a wide variety of software and websites to view, such as Electricity Wizard, that can help you compare the prices of energy plans and deals. Comparing energy plans assists you in finding the most suitable and economical energy plan currently functioning in your area.

To use these energy plans, you will need access to a device connected to the internet. As well as a device and internet connectivity, you must also have a recent bill in your possession to provide necessary information about your usage. The comparison of energy plans often results in the user saving a significant amount on their annual energy expenditures.

Let us discuss the benefits of comparing gas and electricity providers and the plans they offer to businesses and households.


You can compare your electricity and gas providers to find a supplier that charges lower rates in less than 5 minutes and at no cost. Comparing electricity plans can also help you find a better plan for your needs, thanks to the power price comparison feature. The power price comparison feature gives you complete access to the pricing information of various energy companies and presents the costs in an easy-to-understand format.

Comparing different providers in your area means you will be able to cut through the clutter of other plans and acquire a tailored, cost-effective electricity plan for your home or business.

In order to get a better priced energy plan for you, Electricity Wizard examines consumption charges from retailers, including usage charges, daily supply charges, and solar feed-in rebates. Electricity Wizard also makes sure to feature energy plans with sign up credits if you are qualified.

Makes moving easier

It is a great time to revise your energy contract if you are moving houses or offices. Whether you are relocating interstate or within the city itself, Electricity Wizard can help you compare electricity usage pricing between significant energy providers like AGL and Origin Energy.

Also note that energy bills for small and medium-sized enterprises are calculated similarly to residential bills. It makes financial sense to renegotiate, even if you plan to relocate your office.

Find trustworthy providers

In some states, energy users have the freedom to switch their energy providers and plan according to their budget, thanks to deregulatory efforts and increased competition. As a response, retailers have come up with additional alluring reasons to switch by offering new deals frequently. You may be able to acquire an excellent plan from a retailer if you compare different providers.

Electricity Wizard can assist businesses and individuals in comparing their options for gas and electricity providers, allowing for a more streamlined and profitable decision-making process. This streamlined process can guide you through switching to a more reliable energy provider in Australia, if you are considering changing from your current provider.


Energy firms and energy programs have evolved due to the competition brought about by the deregulation of the energy industry. Price shifts are a tell-tale sign of an industry that has been deregulated. Even though electricity is not inexpensive, customers in Australia can still find and take advantage of discounts on various energy plans offered by major providers. Whether you are finding a supplier for your home or your small business, the electricity comparison tool Electricity Wizard provides can help you locate a better offer.

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