Creative Ways to Design a Focal Wall

Mortar rack TV with cement screen wall on the wall in modern living room.
Mortar rack TV with cement screen wall on the wall in modern living room.

Adding distinctive declarations to your house is the best way to make it feel more like home. If you enjoy crafting budget friendly DIY projects to put your stamp on every room, you should consider adding a focal wall for extra charm. Focal walls are a simple way to turn a plain wall into a stunning feature and point of interest—enhancing the overall ambiance of a room.

The first step is to decide where you want your focal wall depending on the amount of free space you have. Focal walls can be added to any room, and they’re commonly seen acting as artwork in living rooms or as functional features in kitchens. Creating a unique focal wall can be a fun project for the whole family to spice up one of your rooms in a way that perfectly complements your personal style.

Empty green wall in modern living room with Christmas decoration. Mock up interior in classic style.

Make Any Wall a Special Bookshelf

A simple way to transform any unexciting wall in your house is to build a wall bookshelf. A shelf stocked with books can inspire creativity, so why not create one out of an entire wall? Start by painting the focal wall a unique color. Hang shelves on the wall in any arrangement—and be creative! Your shelves can be made from any and all materials and hung at various heights. Decorate with plenty of books and personal trinkets from travels and celebrations.

Add Some Texture to Your Home

Another idea for a focal wall is one made from a material that’s teeming with texture. Creating a focal wall out of reclaimed wood will fill a room with instant rustic charm. You can also create a wall out of smooth stone. Using flat-cut stones will give off an aura that is calming and sophisticated. Natural materials are not always seen in typical décor, so this design choice will be sure to make your focal wall an impressive highlight of your home. And, if you want to go the extra mile, you can even vamp up the rustic charm by adding a wall fireplace. Installing a wall fireplace will make space an instant feature and will most likely lead you to redesign the rest of the room around this new update.

Make a Fun Chalkboard Focal Wall

If you are a parent, you know how much children love to draw on things—and especially off-limit surfaces. Cleaning walls can be especially tough, but with a focal wall that doubles as a chalkboard, your kids can scribble all they want. Chalkboard paint is often times magnetic, making it easy to hang other decorations on the wall like a cup holder for chalk or your children’s artwork. Your focal wall will easily become your family’s go-to drawing board for memos, doodling, and lists.

As soon as you decide to enhance your home with a focal wall, you will realize all of the creative ways that you and your family can take on the project and design a memorable feature for your home.

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