Four Stylish Living Room Design Ideas with Area Rugs

Bright and cozy living room interior with blue drapes, a sofa wi

No matter whether you have a small living room or a huge one, an area rug has the ability to bring life to it. Choosing a rug means you are choosing a specific vibe that you want your living room to exude. You should never be casual about adding an area rug to your living space.

If you are bored and sick of the way your living room looks and want to modify its appearance without burning a hole in your pocket, simply choose an area rug for it and it will instantly change its style.

Want a decent look for your living room? Not a problem. Just get your hands on a rusty, floral rug and place it right in the middle of the room. It will serve the purpose efficiently. Looking forward to adding some vibrance in the living room? Opt for some dark-shaded abstract designed area rugs, and they will add color to it.

There are numerous ways of transforming your boring living room with an amazing rug. Some of them are as follows:

1. Some Breezy Vibes With Coastal Blue

Blue is the color of the summer season! If you are feeling way too lethargic during this summer, it’s high time you revive some energy by adding some blue to your house. A beach-inspired living room would be quite a marvelous transformation to curate and the fresh feeling will awaken your space and your soul.

For that, you simply need to get your hands on a rug that is woven in breezy blue woolen threads. Rather than going for the usual grays or pinks, opt for a dark or medium shade of blue.

You can add a lot of decorative items to complement this rug. For instance, you can have some blue pottery lying around in the living room or can hang a beachy landscape painting.

If you are not a fan of vibrant colored rugs, go for a neutral one and add blue hues in other ways across the room. The Isabella area rug by Momeni would be a great choice in this regard.

Make sure not to go way too dark while setting up the living room. Rather, have a mix and match strategy, and it will make the space appear breezy and light.

White round rug and blue carpet with stripes placed on the floor

2. Go Tropical With Some Greens

If you are more of an environmentalist than a beach enthusiast, you can surely go for the tropical vibe for your living room. This theme requires you to have some greens in the space, be it in the rug you choose or with the decorative items.

The most convenient way of bringing tropical energy into your space is by having a rug with some big patterns and vibrant shade. If it’s a large one, it would appear quite bold right in the middle of the room.

At the same time, you should choose furniture items made of striking colored wood. No matter whether it’s a sofa or a chair, if the pattern on it is bold, it will merge with the tropical style of the room quite well. Add numerous pillows and throws on the sofas, and the look of your living room will be complete.

3. Make Your Living Room Classy With Some Gold!

Leaving the coastal and tropical styles far away, you can conveniently opt for the gold accents when it comes to re-doing the living room. You don’t really have to go all vibrant and colorful to make it appear stylish. Rather, a combination of gold, or the opulently modern rose gold, will make your living room decent and elegant.

Your options with gold rugs are numerous. You would be able to find some of the most exquisite pieces in this shade. The best part about having a gold rug right in the middle of the room is that you can manage the other aesthetic items quite easily.

A few vases in rust color, wicker baskets in the corners, and warm, solid-colored curtains will go well with this overall vibe.

Purple velvet sofa with golden pillow in living room interior

4.  Combine Contemporary Vibes With The Traditional Ones

If mixing and matching are what you love doing, you can opt for a completely different look for your home. Combine the new-age, contemporary styles with traditional ways, and things will appear quite unique and soothing for the eyes.

You can maintain the old-school, traditional style of your living room while adding a modern style, abstract rug in the middle of it. Make the rug and curtains appear new-age, and adorn the room with retro decorative items.

Or, you could go the other way round as well. Have a massive, traditional, vintage-style rug lying on the floor while adding some contemporary light fixtures across the room.

Have Fun!

While decorating your living room, you need to be mindful about using the entire space in the right manner. The rug comes right in the middle of it, which makes it the center of attraction. While re-doing your living space, make sure to match the rug with the vibe that you want it to exude.

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