How to Brighten Up Your Home With the Use of Feng Shui

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that’s based on the perceived influence of land and water on cosmic energy, or ‘Qi’. It’s said that by re-arranging or re-designing your home to be more ‘qi-friendly’, you can improve the flow of positive energy in the environment and reap rewards in your career and wider life – but what are the easiest ways to brighten up your living space using feng shui?

De-clutter the entry point of your home – According to feng shui, the entry point of the property represents the flow of incoming energy – if your front doorway is cluttered and cramped, you may block positive qi. In order to get the best for your household and create peacefully, welcoming energy, ensure that your front door, porch, and driveway are de-cluttered, clean, and tidy – consider installing outside bulbs and wall lights to brighten up small entry spaces and create the illusion of extra room.

Re-arrange your bedroom – Seeing as we spend years of our lives in bed, it’s no surprise that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house in feng shui. To encourage restful sleep, improved well-being, and a more calming environment, consider re-positioning your bed so that there are at least 2 ft between the walls and each side of the mattress, with the headboard placed against the wall to promote harmony. Consider investing in multi-purpose furniture and fitted wardrobes to maximise storage space and brighten up cramped bedroom spaces and alcoves.

Clean and de-clutter – Cleanliness and organization are key if you want to make your home brighter and more feng shui-friendly. From your floors, fixtures and fittings to your homeware and houseplants, ensure that you maintain good hygiene in the home and clean regularly. Stow away bulky items when they’re not in use and reduce the accumulation of clutter using cupboards and storage space.

Keep a balance of the 5 elements in the home – Because feng shui is centered around the interplay between energy and the elements, it’s important that you incorporate evenly-balanced references to the five elements into your home design, whether it be through the use of pastoral/metallic colors, specially selected plants and flowers, water features or candles and fireplaces. Because wood, metal, fire, water, and earth can all be introduced into the home either physically or symbolically, it’s easy and cost-effective to incorporate these into your home.

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