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Bargour Residence: A Family House Formed by Two Intersecting Wedge Shapes

Located in suburban Wanaka with Mount Maude magnificent in the distance, Bargour Residence is designed to capitalize on a sloping site. This family house is designed by Condon Scott Architects, offering amazing alpine vistas and also providing privacy from the nearby street.

Buchanan Rise House: Three Separate Entities with Non-Rectangular Roof

Located in Wanaka, this modern house follows the site contours along the hill’s toe. Buchanan Rise House is a residential project by Condon Scott Architects with a plan that broke down into three separate entities. The form of the building, especially the roof, is non-rectangular to blend smoothly with the hillside behind.

Webby House: A Robust Home with Amazing Views of A Lake and Mountains

Located in Lake Hawea, Webby House is designed by Condon Scott Architects for a young family. The brief of this project is to create a robust home that capitalizing on the amazing views of Lake Hawea and the beautiful mountains beyond. The design for this residence uses its site’s topography to create a configuration of the split level.

Point Wells House: A Concrete Bunker with A Robust and Durable Construction

Located in Point Wells, North Auckland, the brief for Point Wells House is “a concrete bunker in a tropical jungle.” This awesome house is designed by Condon Scott Architects with robust and durable construction that perfect for the coastal conditions and weather around the house.

Criffel Range House: A Rural Residence with A Polystyrene Block Construction

Designed by Condon Scott Architects, Criffel Range House is a rural residence with adjoining barns. This residence is located on the upper slopes of the Criffel Range. For its two-storey stone-clad main wing, the architect uses polystyrene block construction combined with other materials such as timber and steel.

Mount Maude House: A Family House with Strong Traditional Forms and Materials

It is a family house designed by Condon Scott Architects, located high above the shores of Lake Hawea. Mount Maude House is built of strong traditional forms and materials, supported by handcraft elements too. The result of this residential project is a comfortable family house with a unique character that comes from its forms and elements.

Trail House, Ashburton: A Contemporary and Environmentally Friendly Home with Natural Materials

It is a contemporary and environmentally friendly home located in Ashburton, New Zealand, that built on gently sloping land in suburban Melbourne. Trail House is designed by Zen Architects to integrate with the inherent natural beauty of the existing site seamlessly. The architect uses natural materials and applies passive solar design principles to create a comfortable home.

Crest House: A Warm Family Bach with Soft Concrete and Timber Finishes

The main goal of this residential project is to create spaces where the surrounding environment is welcomed into the house continuously. Designed by Make Architects, Crest House is a warm family bach located in Mangawhai Heads, a township in Northland, New Zealand. Inside the house, the spaces are embraced warmly by walls and ceilings made with soft concrete and timber finishes.

Rawhiti House: A Character House with A Longer Entrance Corridor and New Addition

This awesome house is located in One Tree Hill, a 182-meter volcanic peak in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Make Architects, Rawhiti House is renovated to meet the need of the client that has an expanding young family. The renovation is done to increase the living space size and at the same time also adding a new bedroom and suite.