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Meier Rd: A Complex of Structures with An Inverted Pitch Roof and Large, Diffuse Skylight

This 2013 project is about a complex of structures located in California. Meier Rd begins with the salvaging of a derelict wooden barn on a rural property in Sebastopol, California. Designed by Mork Ulnes Architects, the inverted pitch roof is combined with a large, diffuse skylight to bring a brighter atmosphere.

15th St: A 1907 San Francisco Victorian’s Attic with A Wood and Glass Framework

Completed by Mork Ulnes Architects in 2017, 15th St is about incorporating a generous space into a 1907 San Francisco Victorian’s attic. This attic needs a significant volumetric intervention, especially to create continuity. A wood and glass framework is also added to the solid walls to complete the space delineation.