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Dodds House: A Two-Storey House with A Folded Steel Plate Stair and A Yellow Joinery Unit

Started in 1998 and finished in 2001, Dodds House sits in an awesome site located in Sydney’s city fringe suburb of Surry Hills. This site offers an opportunity to develop a small multi-level urban house. Designed by Ian Moore Architects, this house has two levels of the interior that linked by a folded steel plate stair and a yellow joinery unit.

Rose House: A Modern House with A Lightweight Steel Structure and Awesome Views

Located on a rural lot on the southern side of Saddleback Mountain, this house is 2 hours drive south of Sydney. Rose House is designed by Ian Moore Architects, a modern house built with a lightweight steel structure. The awesome views surrounding are also framed as maximum as possible.

Woolhara House: Restoration of An Existing Freestanding Victorian Home with A New Wing

Madeleine Blanchfield Architects and David Katon at BKH work together to complete this restoration project in NWS. Woolhara House is a residential project of an existing freestanding Victorian home that restored. An outdoor pavilion and a new ultra-simple wing are also added at the rear of the house.

Mosman: A Bold and Modern Home for An Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

Located in Sydney, Australia, Mosman is a 2015 project by SAOTA Architecture and Design. It is a bold and modern home with 935 m2 in size, designed as a single residential. Together with TKD Architects, this house turns into a comfortable house that is perfect for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Coogee House II: A Family House with A Layering of Spaces for Privacy and Flexibility

This family house sits in a dense, beachside suburb, in New South Wales, Australia. Coogee House II is a new house designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects and it needs clever management of views and privacy. Built for a young family, this house is completed with a layering of spaces that provide privacy and flexibility.

Clovelly House II: A Calm and Inspiring Home with An Artistic Architecture

This modern house is located in New South Wales, a residential project designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. A 17th-century lithograph of five little fish with human faces swimming: “Marvels Of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects Of Things Existing” is the brief of the client for Clovelly House II. This house is not only calm but also inspiring with its artistic architecture.

Headland House: A Light House with A Local Architectural Character

With stunning views from Bondi to Bronte in Australia, Headland House runs the length of an oceanside park awesomely. This lighthouse is designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects with local architectural character. This house is integrated with its surrounding nature through the creation of a backdrop and heavy use of planting.

Tree House: A Family House with Bright Interiors and Warm Finishes

Located on a steep block in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Tree House is a family house designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. The architect ables to create bright interiors inside this house with light by inverting the arrangement and placing the living areas on the top floor. The house finishes are not only calm but also warm.

Transformer Office, Carlton: A New Office Building with A Contemporary Design

The client of Zen Architects in this project is a boutique graphic design and publishing company that tries to re-purpose an existing building for their new offices. Located in Carlton, Transformer Office is designed with a contemporary design to create an enjoyable and creative working environment.