De Zonneboom: A School and Community Center in Oosseld, Doetinchem

As a community center, De Zonneboom has its own best interior design. The architect tried to combine the high roof, the stairs, and also the floors of the building to make an awesome interior. The result makes this multifunctional building has typically interior design with each function of the spaces.

DPR Construction’s Pasadena Office: A Workplace to Accommodate the Company’s Future Growth

The architectural firm adopted Old Town urban environment style for the office design. It is reflected on weathered brick facades, detailed storefront trims, and paned operable windows, exploring the loft concept of an urban environment.

Studio Eagle: Open, Creative, and Deeply Reflective Workplace

With so many shared spaces, the Studio Eagle’s employees can maneuver their movements easily, from taking a call to working on the projects, with no constrict feelings. At the end of the day, the employees can even go to the game room where they can decompress with a round of darts or ping pong game.