Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen Airport: Hotel Contemporary Interior with Modern Furniture

The polished concrete columns and also the factory lights are combined to provide a backdrop. This backdrop is used for the bright blue fishing boat rope as the space dividers. All of those things are showing the industrial and fishing culture of Aberdeen Lowlands.

Heathfield Primary School: Contemporary School Building with Red Brick Volume

The brick facade offers an awesome architectural concept for this school building. The lines of the clipped roof and the deep brick soffits can keep the simple design of the building form. The main entrance is designed with a large oversailing brick corner feature to emphasize experience from it.

Newcastle University Student Residences: Big Building Development with Locally Sourced Bricks

With the best quality facilities, services, and also professional staff, Newcastle University Student Residences gives the best need for the satisfied customers. Then no wonder if this project achieved the first place of Excellent Consultant Awards in 2013.

Boeun House: A Country House of Multi-Culture Family of Korea and Vietnam

In this concept, the hall plays an essential role as the stem and the rooms can be considered as the image of leaves. In addition, the long hallway creates an illusion of a bigger house regardless of the small private rooms and public space. The open layout of the living spaces and kitchen helps in creating the illusion to.