Library of Congress Packard Campus: The Integration of Big Buildings with Topography and Green Roofs

In summer, the living awnings decorate the floor-to-ceiling glazing for the workspace. When winter comes, the leafless vines will allow the sunlight to penetrate deep into the building site. It will also offset the energy demands nicely.

Tuckers Point Club Hotel & Spa: A Luxurious and Sustainable Caribbean Resort in Harrington Sound

This 15.5-acre facility offers numerous caves and a 90-foot-deep chine. Over the past 10 years and after more than 5 years of construction, the site is considered as the most opulent and expensive construction in Bermuda estimated cost of $800,000 per key.

Bibliothèque Félix-Leclerc: An Extension Project to Form Dialogue with the Urban and Landscape Environment

The building was exteriorized by widening its existing hall and incorporating an axis that links the nearby school and the library to the Pie XI Boulevard. With such design, the building now affirms the main entrance to the street.