Cabbagetown Residence 11

Cabbagetown Residence: A Contemporary Addition and Renovation of A 120-Year Old Home

The new design for Cabbagetown Residence is made by eliminating the corridors then combine it with a vertical spin for the circulation. This way makes the rooms feel larger and connected to each other. The open plan is also used to connect the various rooms and keep providing a division which is soft between the spaces through the built-in elements, partial walls, and floor heights.

Gladstone Hotel Room 11

Gladstone Hotel Room: A Permanent Installation of Hotel Room with A Contemporary Architectural and Complementary Material

The lighting design that made also allows a diffuse, soft light during the day, permitting the artificial light to work together with the natural light. These lightings become an atmospheric and architectural element in every room space of the hotel. The room becomes brighter and also fresh complete with the white furniture too.

Contrast House 15

Contrast House: A Redesign of Narrow 125-Year-Old Residence with Spatial and Perceptual Means

A lot of passive sustainable systems are used to minimize the environmental impact of the house. The layout is also reconfigured with the open riser stair and new operable windows that can maximize the natural daylighting and ventilation. With the integrated roof deck, a green roof can absorb the rainwater on a rainy day and also create a cooling effect on the upper floors.