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Square Maïmat: Construction of 44 Housing Units with An Extended Interior Living Space

Completed in 2018, Square Maïmat is a construction project of 44 housing units by PPA Architect in collaboration with Emma Blanc. With 2,826 m² in size, it is an urban and landscaped project that offers residents a renewed quality of life in Square Maïmat, France. The interior living space of the accommodation is extended with a simple form and rational structure.

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen: Development of A Sports Hall Annex and Two Adjoining Fitness Studios

Completed in 2010, this project is a development of the 5/10/5 meter sports hall annex and the two adjoining fitness studios in Switzerland. Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen is designed by L3P Architects as a flat building with a contemporary design. This design stands as a symbol for the development, for the accomplishment of the building’s development between 2006 and 2011.

Golden Nugget: The Three-Unit Building with Unique Views and Outdoor Decks

Designed by Interface Studio Architects, Golden Nugget is a 2018 project located in Philadelphia, the U.S. It is a three-unit building that sandwiched between two vacant parcels and occupies a lot of fronting the train line. The building has a facade geometry that provides unique views and outdoor decks with a view of the train.

An Interior Refurbishment in Kindergarten: Three Interior Refurbishment Projects with Well-Designed Architecture

The interior refurbishment of this modern kindergarten is done in two classrooms. Kindergarten no. 46 at Księżycowa 10 Street is a 2017 project by Atelier Starzak Strebicki, located in Poznań, Poland with 137 m2 in size. The two adjacent classes are located on the building’s first floor, designed for playing and learning to facilitate the way teacher works with children.

TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten: A Modern Kindergarten on A Sloping Hill with A Large Multi-Purpose Hall

KIENTRUC O always has a strong regard for the context in a process of building creation, including in this 2017 project. TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten is built in a 3728 m2 site area with 1491 m2 of its total floor area, located in Ben Tre City, Vietnam. Designed for TTC EDU, this modern kindergarten sits on a sloping hill and it offers a large multi-purpose hall with spaces called “the hill”.

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten: A New Kindergarten with Playful Architecture and Random Window Arrangement

Designed for TTC EDU, this new kindergarten sits upon an existing foundation inherited from a previous building. TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten is a 2018 project located close to the city’s railway station in the west of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with 1940.2 m2 of its floor area. The playful architecture of the building can express its unique character while the random window arrangement ensures each classroom gets adequate natural daylight and ventilation.

Chuon Chuon Kim 1 Kindergarten: A Private Kindergarten with A Fexible Spatial Organization

Designed for Chuon Chuon Kim Edu, KIENTRUC O converts this existing townhouse into a private kindergarten. Chuon Chuon Kim 1 Kindergarten is a 2015 project located in Tân Định ward, Sài Gòn, Vietnam with 265 sqm of the site area. This project is approached with an understanding that the children will feel more comfortable in spaces that are related to their size. The flexible spatial organization is a direct response to the programmatic requirements and the educational experience offered.

Bó Mon Preschool: A Charity Project with Soft Shape of the Roof and A Multifunctional Open Area

Located in Tu Nang Commune, Yen Chau District, Son La Provine, Vietnam, Bó Mon Preschool is a charity project constructed in 2018. This school is a benefaction to a village-stationed teacher and nearly 70 children. With 237m2 in size, KIENTRUC O has been completed the entire design of this school and it is started to operate in June 2019 officially. The school building has a soft shape on its roof and also a courtyard as a multifunctional open area.

MO Museum in Vilnius: A Cultural “Gateway” with Two Symmetrical Forms and Rectilinear Exterior Façade

Conceived as a cultural “gateway”, MO Museum in Vilnius can connect the 18th-century grid with the medieval walled city. This public building project is designed by DO ARCHITECTS in 2015 and completed in 2018. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania with 3100 m² in size, this museum has two symmetrical forms that create its structure and unique rectilinear exterior façade.

Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT): A Restaurant and Hotel with An Elegant, Functional Design

The construction of this building rises at 2,040 m above sea level on the southern tip. Replacing a hotel complex from the 1950s, Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT) serves as s hotel and a restaurant with complete facilities including 28 beds. A completed project by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, the building rises above a strong natural stone base with smooth, white house walls and elegant, functional design.