A Buyer’s Guide to the Home Inspection Service

Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck
Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck

If you are planning to buy a house, you must have thought about a home inspection. A home inspection involves more than just the inspection itself. If you want to make sure you have all the information you need about the home you are buying, there are certain steps you can take as a buyer prior to and following the inspection.

The Contingency Clause

The existence of a home inspection clause is a provision in the sales contract declaring that a home inspection must be completed before the purchase is finalized and the purchase is dependent on the results of the inspection. Buyers can back out of the deal if they are unhappy with the inspection reports or negotiate repairs.

Home inspection contingencies require a specific timeframe for scheduling, conducting, and evaluating inspections as well as any possible post-inspection analysis. In other words, if the inspector determines there is an electrical problem and advises an electrician for a more thorough examination, it is the buyer’s responsibility to find an electrician and obtain any information needed to either proceed or back out at no extra cost to the sale before the deadline. So, make sure you have this contingency added to your contract to get the back-out benefit.

home inspection

Home Inspector

It can seem difficult to decide which inspector to hire, so it is better to hire a real estate agent who will manage all the dealings as well as home inspections on behalf of you. They have various contacts and can provide you with recommendations. But it’s important to know why to hire a home inspector? How can they help in making you a sound purchase decision?

When contacting them to schedule an appointment, be sure to know about the details of the inspection, what things it will cover, and the price of the whole thing. In addition, if you need additional inspections, this is the time to consult them and ask if you have to pay extra. It is also important to inquire about the additional and total expenses required during the whole process.

The Inspection Day

Ultimately, the inspector you hired is a professional, but you can still play an important role in ensuring the process runs smoothly. If possible buyers should attend the home inspection so that damages can be inspected personally. This in-depth information can be gleaned from having these conversations in real-time with the inspector than from a written inspection report. It is important to look out for such things, but you should not get too caught up in small flaws as they can be rectified easily. Investigate the extent of the bigger problems to identify if there is anything that would make them buy a deal-breaker.

Inspection Report

Upon receiving the report after the inspection is done, you will be informed of the major features of the property and any concerning areas you should pay attention to. You may not understand everything in the report, but make sure you ask in detail what is in the report. The result will likely have several issues outlined on it, as it’s their job to make notes about every flaw. You’ll be able to identify anything that appears to be dangerous or concerning. However, that doesn’t mean that everything should be interpreted as an alarm.


Various home inspectors in Dayton Ohio will handle the negotiations. Buying a home that passes an inspection means you are getting a safe, well-maintained building, and that you are getting a great deal. In the event there is a problem, how will you manage it?

If the inspection report shows any major problems, you can have negotiations with the seller. Estimate the cost of clearing the damage or making repairs, and ask the seller to deduct that cost from the buying price. Or you can also ask him to make the repairs. If he agrees, it is possible that you may not get the quality of the service you thought.


Buying a house is a big financial investment. It is always better to ensure the above things before and after the inspection. A situation like this will lead to a financial crisis, and no one wants to deal with it. Make sure you are prepared with the above guide.

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