Plant Symbolism: What’s Your Plant Persona?

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It is often said that people look like their dogs. In fact, it has even been called a scientific fact. But, have you ever considered that your personality can also be reflected in the plants you choose? Plants all have unique characteristics and tolerances, just like humans. If you take a moment to stop and consider the characteristics of plants you will find it is much easier to select the right plant for your home because you will choose one that reflects your personality.

Understanding plant symbolism also means you can use it to purchase the perfect gift for someone you love.

The Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are Japanese in origin, a culture that is known for its peaceful and harmonious approach to life. This is actually what the bonsai tree represents, the harmony and calm that you get when you are looking after them. They are the perfect option for someone who needs to de-stress at the end of the day.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm doesn’t symbolize people that wear their hair in ponytails! In fact, this plant is seen as a free spirit because it loves warm climates and is neither a tree nor a real palm/Instead, it is actually a succulent.

The symbolism reflects this as the heat it adores is akin to a warm personality and the ability to store water reflects the resourcefulness of your personality. In short, you will be an optimist that loves to experience new things.

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are considered to be very durable and steadfast, symbolizing the person that keeps going, no matter what. They are relentless and determined to achieve the desired result. You can arrange pothos plants as a hanging plant or in stages to symbolize the new heights you wish to reach.


This type of plant is often seen as being at one with nature and is the perfect reflection of people who are passionate about the environment and looking after each other. In the same way, they represent growth as a human and make a great gift for anyone going through major changes in their life.

Air Plants

These plants are becoming very popular as they are low maintenance and can be out almost anywhere in your home. They represent people that want to be creative and those that search for freedom. Of course, they are often a focal point of a room, much the same as those with an air plant personality.

In short, they are used to being the center of attention.

Snake Plants

No, this doesn’t hint at sneaky people! In fact, snake plants are very good at purifying the air and are seen as a symbolism of those that are pure of heart and tend to be very clean and organized. In addition, people that are represented by the snake plant tend to be tenacious, they will never let go!

Knowing what the plant means allows you to purchase a great gift or simply surround yourself with plants that reflect your personality and what you would like to get out of life. At the very least, it will get you thinking about the subject!

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