6 Excellent Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

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With the winter bidding its farewell and spring waiting to bloom, it’s safe to say that, we will be using our air conditioners on full blast in a few months to keep cool. However, over the season when it was not so much in use, don’t you think it needs its fair share of spring cleaning?

Of course, central air conditioning systems should have a professional keep up with their maintenance. However, if you have an individual AC unit – portable and mounted on your wall, there are definitely some great ways you can keep up with its maintenance and cleaning.

Keeping your air conditioner is not only effective for regulating the temperature, but it is really easy to do so. Not sure how? Here are six excellent tips right from the experts on keeping your air conditioner clean.

1. Give A Little Scrub to the Air Filters

It is vital to keep the air conditioner’s air filters clean to maintain the hygiene quality of the air and enhance the performance of your unit. Those filters accumulate dust, dirt, and debris even while the air conditioner functions.

Hence, it is a great idea to start by removing the air filters and giving them a much-needed scrub with soap and water to remove all the dirt. You can even completely replace them with new ones if your air conditioner is quite old. Otherwise, a good clean-up every month is great for DIY maintenance.

2. The External Unit Needs Some Care Too

While many people pay attention to keeping the internal unit of the air conditioner clean, they complete forgoing the external unit. However, it needs equal care and cleaning maintenance, if not more.

The chances are that there are plants and bushes nearby that can easily get stuck in the external unit’s fan and cause it to function improperly. Moreover, the accumulating dust and dirt factor is consistent and considerably more, given the unit is placed outside. Therefore, keeping a check on it to ensure it is clean is vital for air conditioner maintenance.

3. Check for Clogs in the Drain Line

The air conditioner function adequately due to a lot of factors involved. One of these factors is draining the excess moisture from the condenser. However, excess moisture makes the drain pipe a prime suspect for algae and mold growth.

It can clog the drain and can be harmful to your health as it compromises the air quality. Therefore, always check your drain line for clogs, algae, and molds. Apart from calling a professional, you can flush the drainpipe with bleach every now and then to keep things clean and in check.

4. Pay Attention to Leakage

It is essential to pay attention to common issues in an air conditioner unit while it functions. For instance, problems like leakage from the unit, excessive noise, no cooling, weak airflow, and icy coils can easily indicate that there is a problem in the air conditioner unit.

Therefore, if you notice and catch these issues early on, the chances are that they can easily be fixed without adhering much damage to the internal machine. If the issues persist, you can always get help from a professional and have your air conditioner checked out.

5. Think Smart

Gone are the days when people would suffer through hefty bills because they forgot to turn the air conditioner off. Now is the time to think smart. Thanks to technological advances, many smart appliances, including air conditioners, have removed the human element of turning things on and off. From automated AC’s to AC’s that are operable through your phone and AC timers, there are many ways you can easily avoid the excessive operation of the AC. Not only do you save your expenses, but you help save the environment by conserving energy.

6. Know When a Professional Needs To Takeover

Lastly, it is essential to know when your DIY skills can come in handy and when you need a professional to take over. Trying to fix something that you don’t know anything about can cause more damage than d good.

That’s why it is always a good idea to keep a reliable air conditioner maintenance services company in your contacts. So that you can hit them up in case of an emergency or if anything goes wrong.


Hopefully, the tips we have shared will help you keep your air conditioning unit clean and effective through the upcoming summer season. Cheers!

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