Top 9 Reasons To Switch To Solar Energy

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Fossil fuels are the most commonly used energy source worldwide. However, they’re not sustainable in the long run and are quickly becoming scarce. As the impacts of global warming become increasingly apparent, more and more people are making efforts to lower their carbon footprint.

Solar energy can effectively reduce our carbon footprint sustainably as it is renewable and clean. It offers several benefits, so if you are considering switching to solar power, here are a few compelling reasons why you should.

Saves You Money On Energy Bills

As of 2021, residential electricity costs averaged 29.36 New Zealand cents per kilowatt-hour, with the average New Zealand home using approximately 7,000 kilowatt-hours per year. This illustrates the increased electricity expenditures of the average New Zealand household.

The use of solar energy, however, decreases your dependence on the national grid and results in a lower monthly energy bill. Consequently, the supplier is essentially removed from the equation. Solar power currently accounts for approximately 1.3% of New Zealand’s total electricity connections, but this number is growing rapidly. If you’re looking to install solar panels, look up solar panels nz by Solarworx. They’re one of the top vendors in the country.

Reduces Pollution

Widespread adoption of solar power would contribute to the ozone layer’s recovery, cooling the planet and reducing pollution-related deaths yearly. Regardless of how much or how little energy an individual uses, switching to clean energy can positively impact the environment.

Better For Your Health

According to reports, approximately 7 million people worldwide die each year from inhaling polluted air. The combustion of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, releases greenhouse gases that are harmful to the human body. Toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, pose a particular threat to those with respiratory disorders. Solar energy, on the other hand, is a clean energy source. Therefore, it does not produce harmful toxins, making it both healthy and environmentally friendly.

Adds Value To Your Home

You may not be aware that installing solar panels can significantly increase your home’s value. This will be helpful if you plan to rent or sell your property. With residential solar growing in popularity, it becomes easier for homeowners to sell solar-powered homes and transfer their leases to new owners. There are specialized teams within solar companies responsible for administering the transfer of ownership and switching the service from the old owner to the new owner.

A solar energy generation system is an asset, as more people demand homes equipped with one.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Since solar panels do not have moving parts, they require minimal maintenance once installed. A solar panel should be rinsed once in a while—if it is not washed for an extended period, it may lose up to 5% of its energy-producing capacity. Besides, you need not worry about your solar panels since they will run independently without your assistance.

Causes Lesser Energy Loss

Grid electricity has a system net loss since it must be transported over a vast network of transmission lines and distribution stations. As a result, your electric bill will increase, and you will have no control over it. In contrast, there is virtually no loss with rooftop solar panels since the solar energy is immediately converted and stored in batteries.

Great Financing Options are Available

The cost of solar panels is decreasing due to technological advancements that make manufacturing and distributing them easier. Government incentives further offset the cost of going solar. Home and business owners interested in switching to solar have access to several affordable financing options.

Depending on the type of solar panel you want, you can finance it with traditional loans, leases, or PPAs (power purchase agreements).

Easy Installation

There have been many developments in solar technology in recent years. Homeowners may use traditional photovoltaic solar panels on their roofs or ground with minimal disruption or incorporate solar technology into their building materials to achieve a cleaner appearance. Depending on your budget and preferences, you may choose either option. You may have heard of solar roof tiles, which have the same look as conventional tiles yet are also functional and should offer superior durability to ordinary tiles.

Furthermore, thin-film solar panels are becoming more efficient and reliable. As a result, they have become more competitive compared to traditional solar panels. Thin films can be flexible and applied to various surfaces at different angles. Thus, larger areas of buildings can be used to collect solar energy, maximizing the amount of energy that can be generated even in the case of limited space. Incorporating them into a building’s design would be extremely easy.

Creates Jobs

Many people argue against clean energy on the basis that it would eliminate too many jobs if it were fully implemented. Clean energy will, however, create as many jobs as unclean energy will eliminate, if not more. Additionally, these jobs tend to pay more than other jobs for highly skilled workers. With the amount of solar energy used worldwide increasing, the number of jobs required to sustain the industry will also increase. This will positively impact the global economy.

To Sum Up

Contrary to popular belief, being environmentally conscious does not imply sacrificing economic efficiency. Now is an excellent time to switch to solar energy if you are considering doing so. The availability and affordability of solar energy generation systems have increased in recent years, making them more accessible than ever.

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