Benefits of Wooden Furniture Feet Styles

Wooden chair in natural bedroom
Wooden chair in natural bedroom

All types of doors, window frames, rocking chairs, kitchenware, wood adds elegance, warmth, class, and character. Nowadays, manufacturers are making wooden doormats, pen stands, and even decorative items to add a touch of sophistication to every home decor.

Similarly, wood furniture feet have increased in popularity recently, with innumerable people opting for their homes and offices. Wood is durable, aesthetically pleasing, robust, and low maintenance in nature.

If you have been contemplating investing in wooden feet for your stylish furnishings, here are some of its benefits.

Adds value to your furniture

Wooden furniture and its foot style can add significant monetary and aesthetic value to your home furnishings. That is why it contributes majorly to furniture markets worldwide, enhancing the room and accenting the decor beautifully. Moreover, wooden legs and feet designs add financial value to the furniture piece, making it adaptable to modern and traditional styles.

Also, a great plus point is that wood furnishings are surprisingly affordable despite the common misconception that they cost sky-high.

Boosts height

Decorators will testify that to make a room look more spacious and airy, the best way is to add some items of stature, which typically are wooden pieces of furniture. Designer feet and legs can elevate anything’s height and overall look, giving them a sleek, streamlined appearance. Even the most straightforward foot styles are preferable over cluttered variations that give out vibes of chaos and disorder.

Enhances home decor

An unattractive or unkempt piece of furniture can make the whole room decor seem dull and lifeless. In contrast, a robust and eye-catching wooden foot design on tables, chairs, stools, sofas, and other furniture pieces can ensure the vibe is aesthetically pleasing and comforting.

Furthermore, the best thing about wooden furniture is that you do not need to redo the whole thing. Instead, upgrading the foot style alone can make a traditional piece seem brand new.

Upgrades your furniture

Regardless of the pieces in your home, patio, or office, get wood furniture feet on them and provide a contemporary look. You can mix and match different foot styles and legs to determine which design suits your preference best. For instance, ball feet are traditionally attractive and look good on various legs with carvings, color patterns, and upturned rings. Conversely, ball and claw feet are more suited on straight legs since the feet themselves are very extraordinary.

Bracket foot styles are excellent options to consider for sideboards and small wooden tables placed in strategic corners of a room.

Diverse styles to choose from

When it comes to furniture feet, be assured that there are endless options to choose from, ranging from antique ball and block styles to contemporary turnip and blunt-arrow shapes. Some adventurous folks opt for one-of-a-kind variations such as hoof feet, trifid design, or the monopodium foot. These eye-catching shapes can quickly grab the attention of visitors the moment they enter your home.

Specific designs such as pad foot and spade shapes are antique, having been around for centuries. Many furniture makers are now giving these traditional styles a modern look by adding dimensions, corners, and other intriguing features.

Reasonable prices

Furniture feet can typically cost around $15 to $30 and sometimes even less. Of course, this estimate will change depending on the specific design, shape, wood type, handiwork, and the furniture maker. If you have them custom-made, they may come even cheaper, provided the design is effortless and straightforward.

Reputable dealers select their wood with precision, sand down the feet with extreme care, and deliver the stunning handcrafted piece right to your front door. They also have low shipping costs and easy returns, making the buying process easier.

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