5 Tips To Plan And Execute The Perfect Backyard Cookout!


Almost any occasion can justify a backyard cookout! Is there a summertime birthday party about to happen? Is a big game coming up? Are you looking for a perfect way to celebrate the weekend? Need a summer hanging spot with your girl squad? Who needs a reason, anyway?

Plus, did you know that S’mores made from Grahams, marshmallows, and chocolate is the official dessert of the BBQ?

The Pacific Northwest’s wet season already makes up for itself to enjoy when the sun finally agrees to come out. And more, summer is just around the corner. So, it’s time to light up the grill, arrange some cocktails, turn on the radio and get ready for the best BBQ party of the season.

But before you agree to host a garden party at your house, you must know what you need during the party. Of course, you don’t want your guests to leave hungry and cranky. Every laughter-filled backyard party needs a plan.

If you love to have people over, here are a few tricks that could help make a backyard cookout this summer a breeze. For residents in Oregon, where the unpredictable weather creates difficulty for many homeowners, this checklist is a lifesaver, allowing you to throw the best-ever courtyard cookout in your house.

1. Rent Portable Toilets

Undeniably, we live in unprecedented times where the pandemic has swept the entire globe, including Oregon and other parts of the United States. Since this virus is contagious, social distancing practices are still the most certain means to prevent ourselves.

With no real end in sight, it’s more crucial than ever to rent a port-a-potty in Oregon to ensure the safety of your friends, family, and guests during outdoor parties.

When you rent a portable port potty, you keep your guests outdoors, avoiding contact with door handles, private room washrooms, and limiting exposure.

Additionally, portable toilets offer ventilation and hands-free cleaning options. They were usually present on special occasions but now have become pandemic units, allowing you to rent during your patio celebrations.

2. Use Your Lawn For Extra Seating

When there are a handful of guests, a picnic table or even card tables do the job.

But in case you are hosting a larger backyard BBQ party, then add more low tables allowing them to sit on the ground. In the end, don’t let your patio seating hold you back. Sometimes, you need to reconfigure your outdoor space to accommodate more people.

Still not enough seating for all your guests? Take advantage of your lawn by adding comfy pillows, blankets, and moveable chairs, giving them the freedom to sit wherever they like.

Moreover, you can set up different seating zones on your patio, allowing you to have room for everyone. Although some of your guests prefer to stand, others would love a folding chair.

Pro tip: add a few tables or stands near every corner letting your guests place their food plates and glasses.

3. Take The Time Out To Plan The Menu

BBQ is indeed an American tradition, where food is cooked on the grill, in the backyard, and shared with closed ones in the most casual fashions. The first things that come to mind are hamburgers and hotdogs. But, there are plenty of other food varieties that are great on the grill. Serve your crowd something delicious like pork steaks, burgers, pork chops, sausages, chicken kebabs, shellfish, and the list goes on.

Whatever you choose, be sure to add a condiment station, basket of bread, and fresh vegetables. Add plenty of side dishes on the barbeque buffet table alongside your main meal. A classic side dish is a coleslaw made with hearty greens and creamy dressing. Another great option is potato salad or corns.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the barbeque choices? An effortless way out is to plan a themed menu. For your mains, count on bout one per person but do not forget to add a few extras. For your sides and salads, keep seconds in your fridge.

4. Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Why should your backyard cookout party stop as the sun goes down? So, keep it going till late at night by adding a mix of outdoor lights. You can brighten your pathways with post beams or in-ground lights, allowing your guests to walk through your backyard easily. There are various options of light style to illuminate the outdoor space.

You can create a festive mood by hanging string lights or simply adding brighter landscape uplights to add radiance. The string lights are also a budget-friendly way to add a contemporary touch. It’s always better to invest in outdoor lighting to lighten up the entire space and add a touch of cheerfulness.

It is also essential to set the mood for your backyard cookout, which can be achieved through light decorations.

5. Keep Bug Repellents Handy

Throwing a backyard cookout is all fun and games until there’s a swarm of mosquitos that starts dining with you. Good weather and warm lights are a sure way to attract pests. Nothing ruins an outdoor party like the nagging buzz of mosquitos.

Without a doubt, outdoor patios usually bring bugs so, run a bug patrol and take measures to ensure no pests ruin your good time. Stay ahead of them by having tiki torches and bug repellents. You can either go for natural solutions or chemical sprays for mosquitos, both work like magic in repelling them.

The citronella candles are a natural and less harmful way to ward off those nasty bugs with a 50 hour burning time, plenty enough to protect your backyard barbeques all summer long. Besides, a clip-on mosquito repellent will provide 12 plus hours of protection along with keeping you cool during those sticky summer nights. Other options include mosquito lamps, herbal insect repellants, anti-bug balms, and mosquito wipes.

Bottom Line

We are about to roll into the peak cookout season officially. A backyard BBQ is fundamentally a festival to enjoy hanging out with your squads in the most casual manner. Indeed, the current pandemic has impacted the way we have outdoor parties. One way to ensure that we have the time of our lives with laughter-filled gatherings is to ensure your guests stay outdoor.

No matter how big or small a backyard grill you want to have at your home, Oregon’s summer weather is your perfect gateway to have a fun-filled afternoon. The above tips and tricks set you up for a successful backyard party where everyone would love to come back every summertime for a get-together.

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