3 Modern Townhouse Exterior Designs that Looks Attractive

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Besides the interior of a townhouse, redesigning its exterior is also a must. It is very easy to design your townhouse exterior. You can add texture, update the roof, enlarge the windows, add a lot of greenery, and much more. For a modern design, make sure to keep your townhouse exterior simple.

If you need more inspiration, here are 3 modern townhouse exterior designs that look attractive.

1. Aisyo Townhouse by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Aisyo Townhouse 5

Designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Aisyo Townhouse has an attractive modern townhouse exterior design by the use of grey to beautify the outer wall of the house. For the entrance, wood materials are used to highlight the exterior.

Located in Japan, the aim of this project is to provide two families with the same sky and make them feel like living in a comfortable home together.



2. Cale Street by Stephen Fletcher Architects

Little Brick Studio A Tight Space Residence That Engages At The Urban Scale Of Abbotsfords Busy Street 19

Adding new windows is a brilliant idea to create an attractive modern townhouse exterior design for your townhouse. Cale Street by Stephen Fletcher Architects is remodeling and extending project of a townhouse where new windows are inserted to the house’s side elevation.

The aim of adding new windows is to bring a new life into this townhouse.

Photography: Stephen Fletcher Architects


3. Chambord Houses by Atelier BOOM TOWN

Chambord Houses 13

Designed by Atelier BOOM TOWN, Chambord Houses is a conversion project of four units into two modern townhouses. The modern townhouse exterior design in this project is about designing a stair so the owner can reach the second level of the house directly from the outside.

In order to beautify the exterior, you can also add some beautiful flowers to the front area of your townhouse just like in this townhouse.


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