3 Bright And Airy Scandinavian-Style Dining Rooms

F12 Apartment 9

A Scandinavian style is characterized by wood floors, white walls, modern furniture, and also minimalist decor. This kind of style is perfect for all rooms in your house, including your dining room. It will make your dining room looks bright and airy.

Below are 3 bright and airy Scandinavian-style dining rooms that can inspire you and steal your attention.


1. V20 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

V20 Apartment 5

Designed by DA Design & Architecture, it is a modern apartment that is also stylish and colorful. V20 Apartment has a modern architecture and also Scandinavian interior design that also can be seen in its dining room.

The bright and airy Scandinavian-style dining room in this apartment is about playing different colors. The chairs come in four different colors: white, black, yellow, and orange. In the middle of these chairs, there is a wooden dining table that can give a natural vibe.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture


2. F12 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

F12 Apartment 9

Another project designed by DA Design & Architecture, F12 Apartment is a minimalist Scandinavian interior located in Russia. It has modern architecture with a good arrangement of its interior so it looks larger than it seems.

This apartment has a bright and airy Scandinavian-style dining room which is simple without too many decorations. There are two black chairs and a white dining table. The kitchen behind this dining area is dominated by wood materials.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture


3. Kamienica Warszawa by Widawscy Studio

Kamienica Warszawa 14

Widawscy Studio designs Kamienica Warszawa as a modern living place with a minimalist and Scandinavian interior design. This classic apartment offers a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with its colorful dining room.

The highlight of this apartment is its bright and airy Scandinavian-style dining room with beautiful flower images on the ceiling. The dining area has a strong appearance with black chairs, a black table, and even black lighting while the kitchen is beautified in yellow.


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