5 Fun Playroom Design Ideas that The Whole Family Can Enjoy

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There are many things that you can do to design a fun playroom for your kids in your house. Painting with bright colors, creating a chalkboard wall, adding some toy cubbies and storage bins are some things that can make your kids feel happier during their playing time.

If you need more ideas to design a playroom for your kids, here are 5 fun playroom design ideas that even the whole family also can enjoy.

1. Takatsuki House by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Takatsuki House 20

Constructed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Takatsuki House is a project about Takatsuki’s English conversation class combined housing located in Japan. The class space can be used as a study space and also a play space. The idea to create a fun atmosphere is realized by adding white cubbies to store books and toys. A colorful rug is also added to provide a warm atmosphere.



2. In the Mood by Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta

In The Mood 5

Designed by Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta, In the Mood is a large house with an awesome contemporary interior design and a warm, natural atmosphere. The fun playroom design idea in this house is about giving a colorful look with the use of a cute rug and a beautiful drawing on the wall.

Photographer: Karlas


3. Fairfield Hacienda by MRTN Architects

Fairfield Hacienda 17

This awesome house has a modern interior design designed by MRTN Architects who also transform this house into a comfortable family house. There is one space in Fairfield Hacienda that is used as a playroom.

The fun playroom design idea in this house is about creating a spacious space without many things inside. There is a colorful rug added to beautify the interior while the kid’s drawing is used to decorate the wall.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts


4. East Williamsburg Rowhouse by Barker Freeman

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 9

Designed by Barker Freeman, East Williamsburg Rowhouse is a family house with a combination of modern style, bright color, and light-filled space. The fun playroom design idea in this house is about using colorful furniture to beautify the interior. Wall decor is also used to complete the interior.

Photography: Barker Freeman


5. Amusement Casa by HAO DESIGN

Amusement Casa 2

A fun playroom design idea in Amusement Casa is about an open and natural feel to provide the children’s activities. Designed by HAO DESIGN, there is a swing and a slide made from wood near the living area where the children can play and still can be monitored by their parents.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

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