10 Kitchen Decor Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

Easton Residence 23

Your kitchen becomes the most favorite place to have fun, especially when everything you love is about cooking. Making this room comfortable is important to help you to get more inspiration to create new menus. If you need more ideas to decor your kitchen, here are 10 kitchen decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Scenic Ballade by HAO DESIGN

Scenic Ballade 10

Designed by HAO DESIGN, Scenic Balade has a bright kitchen interior that is dominated in white. Besides using white as the main color, the kitchen decor idea in this house is also about using granite to decor the kitchen island and the kitchen wall.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. Barcom Terrace by Arent & Pyke

Barcom Terrace 6

This comfortable family home is designed by Arent & Pyke, offering a contemporary interior and some decorative elements. For its kitchen, the kitchen decor idea in Barcom Terrace is about using three different colors that combine to create a decorative look (black, white, grey).

Photography: Arent & Pyke


3. Casa Cayowaa by Casa 14 Arquitetura

Casa Cayowaa 7

Completed in 2010 by Casa 14 Arquitetura, Casa Cayowaa has a unique decoration including in its kitchen. For its small kitchen, the kitchen decor idea for this house is about creating a simple look with simple things. In order to complete the decoration, there are also pendant lights.

Photography: Casa 14 Arquitetura


4. Dowel House by FMD Architects

Dowel House 4

The kitchen decor idea in Dowel House can inspire you to decor your kitchen in a unique way. Designed by FMD Architects in 2016, the timber dowel is used to design the most of interior parts of the kitchen. There is also a unique decoration that looks like two people doing wall climbing.

Photography: FMD Architects


5. Victoria Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Victoria Residence 4

It is a modern residence that designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects. Working with M Square Lifestyle Necessities for the interior decoration, you can see how awesome the kitchen is. The kitchen decor idea in Victoria Residence is about a strong appearance that comes from the black kitchen island.

Photographer: Anton van Straaten


6. Vorobiev House by Kerimov Architects

Vorobiev House 2

For you who live in an apartment, the kitchen decor idea in Vorobiev House is perfect for you. Designed by Kerimov Architects, the kitchen is decorated by using natural materials and a combination of dark and bright colors.

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenko

7. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect

Nasledie 32

In Nasledie, the modern interior is about a play of materials and textures. Designed by Kerimov Architect, the kitchen decor idea in this house is about creating an inviting atmosphere that is warm and comfortable by using a modern chandelier, a white kitchen island, and three black kitchen stools.

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenk

8. Wola Justowska by Kaim Work Studio

Wola Justowska 24

It is a modern apartment designed by Kaim Work Studio. Located in a luxurious area, Wola Justowska offers a modern style with complete details which can be seen also in its kitchen. The kitchen decor idea in this apartment is about using orange chairs to highlight the kitchen’s warm interior.

Photographer: Patryk Polewany

9. Easton Residence by Diebel and Company

Easton Residence 22

Designed by Diebel and Company, Easton Residence is about a combination of modern design and 1920s California Spanish architectural grandeur. The kitchen in this residence is beautified with a grey kitchen island, white elements, and three pendant lights.

Photographer: Obeo

10. Boulevard Beach House by Zen Architects

Boulevard Beach House 7

In order to evoke fond memory of an elevated timber beach house, Boulevard Beach House offers a comfortable and warm kitchen. Designed by Zen Architects, the kitchen decor idea in this beach house is about a simple and natural appearance with a wooden kitchen island and bright interior.

Photographer: Gorta Yuuki

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