5 Simple Steps To Fix A Toilet Leaking At The Base

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Water coming from anywhere in the vicinity of your toilet is a concern. After all, the water can be clean water from your supply, or it could be leaking from the toilet and contain sewage, which’s not good for your health.

The good news is that it’s very rare you need to panic over a toilet leaking at the base. The obvious solution is to call a local reputable plumber Sydney and get them to deal with the matter for you.

However, if you wish to know how to fix a leaking toilet yourself or simply want to understand what your plumber is doing, then you’ll want to read the following 5 steps.

  1. Floor Bolts

These are usually called tee bolts. They are the bolts on each side of the toilet that secure it to the ground. Over time these can work loose. The result is your toilet will rock slightly when it is used. Every movement causes fluctuations where the toilet connects to the waste pipe. If it fluctuates enough the joint will allow some water out.

This should only happen when you pull the flush. And can be corrected by tightening the bolts.

  1. Waste pipe Join

This is perhaps the most obvious cause. The waste pipe connects over the outlet of the toilet, making a tight seal and ensuring the wastewater goes in the right direction. However, the pipe can perish, especially if it is under stress from a moving toilet.

You’ll need to replace the joint. However, as this is where waste leaves the toilet, proceed with caution. You may prefer to get the professionals to help.

  1. Supply Line

If the water leak appears to be constant there is a good chance that you have a leak in your supply line. The most likely place is where it joins the toilet. If water is leaking from this connection it will roll down the cistern and appear on the floor next to, or under, the toilet.

You will need to replace the seal and washer where the supply line connects to the toilet.

  1. Condensation

Condensation forms when the warm air hits the cool toilet. This is very common in bathrooms as the shower puts warm and moist air into the room. The toilet is cold because of the cold water inside the cistern. The result is water condensing on the sides of the toilet and running down, creating the illusion of a leak.

This is the most difficult one to deal with as it is hard to reduce condensation. You will need to ensure there is plenty of ventilation when you shower to reduce the likelihood of condensation building up.

  1. Cracked Bowl

Finally, it is possible that the toilet bowl is cracked and leaking water. In this instance, you will have no other option other than replacing the toilet. This isn’t a complicated job but you may prefer to leave it to the professionals.

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