5 Awesome Indoor Decorations in the 70s

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The 1970s in the United States was an interesting time, full of funky trends and the iconic laid-back mellow vibe. That lifestyle translated itself into some awesome indoor home decoration trends that are sure to come back at some point. 

If you’re looking to bring a little 1970s flair into your home, there are a few things you can do to bring the 70s to life again. Here are a few of our favorite indoor decorations of the 70s. 

Bean Bag Chairs

Everyone loves a good bean bag chair! Back in the 70s, every single home had at least a few bean bag chairs in the basement or the kids’ rooms. They served as the quintessential sign of the times, encouraging you to sink into the comfort of foam beans that made up the chair. 

This is a lounge trend that is sure to make a comeback. 

Lava Lamps

You can hardly picture a typical 1970s home in the US without a few lava lamps on desks or tables for full display. Lava lamps were made in the 1960s, but an item this cool was able to stick around in popularity well into the next decade.

We’ve all gotten lost in the magical experience of watching the neon lava bubble up to the top of the lamp and then sink back down to the bottom in a never-ending cycle. 

These lava lamps weren’t just for kids either! This is an awesome indoor decoration that people of all ages loved in the 70s and continue to still be fascinated by today. 

Patterned Wallpaper

This awesome trend isn’t very popular now, as most homes are being modernized with cool earth tones, but back in the 1970s, every home has some kind of colorful, bright-colored wallpaper pattern. 

These unique prints donned the walls in every room from the kitchen and dining room, to the living room in the basement. This unique home décor showed off the family’s groovy, trendy style. We don’t see wallpaper being trendy again just yet, but it’s bound to come back into the spotlight at some point. 

Where there wasn’t wallpaper, there was faux wood paneling lining the walls. It was very clearly not real wood, and may as well have been more wallpaper. 

If you’re looking to bring wallpaper into your home, there is no shortage of awesome prints to help you bring the feel of the 70s while making a statement in your room that is all your own and fits your personal style. 

Floral Sofa Couches

The 70s really loved their statement pieces. Back in that decade, it wouldn’t have been surprising to find a floral couch in the living room or basement. These sofas were popular in orange, yellow, and pink colors. 

Someone in your family likely still has one of these floral sofas laying around somewhere. Maybe your grandma still has one in a sitting room somewhere, a time capsule for the groovy decade. Talk about a blast from the past!

Shag Carpet

We can’t talk about 70s home décor without mentioning the incredibly popular trend of having shag carpets. The color scheme for shag carpets usually consisted of burnt orange and greens and it was rare to find a home without at least some amount of shag carpet.

This thick carpet was pretty difficult to clean which is why it fell out of popularity, but nowadays they are a bit easier to clean with more modern vacuums

A Trendy Time 

One thing is for sure, there was no shortage of color or funky indoor decorations back in the 70s. This was a time of creativity and expression within the home. Many of these fun pieces are still found in homes today. 

With some awesome wallpaper, a shag carpet, a lava lamp, some bean bag chairs, and a floral sofa, you’ll have the coolest 1970s hangout that is sure to be the grooviest chill spot in the neighborhood.

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