Six Valuable Tips for Remodelling Your Minneapolis Kitchen

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We can all agree that kitchens are what make a house a home. It is the space where meals and memories are made, where the entire household gathers, and the hub of all activity!

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your kitchen is not only a functional space– but also has a welcoming and peaceful ambiance amidst all the hectic cooking.

If you want to transform your Minneapolis kitchen into an efficient, modern, and beautiful space- then look no further. Here are a few tips to help you with your remodeling plans.

1. Plan it All Out

Kitchen remodeling costs are relatively high in Minneapolis, ranging from $71,040 to $137,924, depending on the work’s extent.

The first thing you should do before remodeling is to assess your existing kitchen design and plan accordingly. It’s also important to set an estimated budget for your remodeling project and how you will proceed.

Ask questions like what are the things you want to improve? Which options are available and at what prices? How compatible are your intended remodeling plans with your current kitchen design?

It’s always wiser to make realistic and practical changes that fit with your current design. It’s also a good idea to get professional help from the very beginning. Invest in the right places and quality work, rather than trying to change too many things at once.

2. Assess the Plumbing and Electrical Situation

Before starting, it’s important to address the plumbing and electrical situation in the kitchen. You can look up some electricians in Minneapolis to scope out all the electric wiring in your kitchen. You also need to know where the water and gas pipes are located.

Shifting all the plumbing and wiring for a new kitchen design will involve a lot of hassle and can be very expensive as well. This is especially true in the case of older homes.

Changing plumbing lines and electrical sockets usually involve knocking down walls and uncertainty, which is sure to cause some additional problems.

So, save yourself the trouble and keep your water fixtures, stoves, and electrical appliances according to the existing plan. And if you want to make any such significant changes, make sure to take professional advice beforehand.

3. Try Innovative Storage Measures

The key feature of a well-managed household is an organized kitchen– and that depends on whether you have sufficient storage space. Since you are renovating, now is the perfect time to make optimum use of every inch in your kitchen.

If you’re already planning on installing cabinets, consider ones that go up to the ceiling. These will take up less space in your kitchen but provide more storage. You could also hang up shelves or add hooks for more storage.

It might also be a good idea to not use up too much actual kitchen space for storage and build a large pantry for the same purpose instead.

4. Lighting Matters

From the freezing winters to rainy summers in Minneapolis, having a well-lit kitchen will make you feel comfortable and ready to take on the day. Not to mention, it makes your home more welcoming for guests.

Since the kitchen is often the busiest area where everyone gathers, it should be a brightly lit area. Sconces, track lights, and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures for lights are usually the go-to for kitchen lighting.

There are many fixture designs to choose from, such as modern, minimalistic, industrial, vintage, etc. Whatever you do, make sure to stick to the theme and aesthetics throughout your kitchen.

You can also consider picking lights with different settings and intensities, according to the ambiance you would like.

Also, areas beneath cabinets can often be quite dark. Setting up “task lights” for such places where shadows fall can make life a lot easier.

5. Pick the Right Colors

Repainting your kitchen is one of the best ways to revamp it. The colors you choose for walls and appliances can really make a difference in the ambiance and aesthetics.

Kitchens are usually where there’s a lot of activities going on. It’s best to stick to calming colors like white, ivory that give an airier and more open feel.

Green and blue tones are also soothing colors that give more natural vibes. But if you want a bolder pop of color, yellow is a good option for more energetic and fun vibes.

Try to look for sleek, minimalistic appliances and avoid clutter for a truly elegant kitchen design. It’s also a good idea to not mismatch appliances and stick to the same brand for the kitchen.

6. Opt for Ergonomic Designing

A common problem with most kitchens is that they are not ergonomically designed. But how your kitchen is set up and what the floor plan is like can drastically change your life for the better.

For instance, the dishwasher should be near the sink for easy loading and unloading after rinsing off the dirty dishes.

Similarly, electrical appliances should be at a safe distance away from your kitchen’s wet areas like the sink or the gas stove.

It’s also a good idea to identify your traffic area – as in the place which has the most action involving your fridge, stoves, and ovens. Try to keep the floor plan in between these appliances free-flowing.

Now, we all know meal prep and cooking can be tedious and hectic at times. So do make sure your kitchen has enough space to move freely and enough counter space to work on!

Final Thoughts

It can be really easy to get carried away with kitchen remodeling ideas by what we see online. However, in reality, it all depends significantly on external factors like your existing kitchen design and budget.

So, keep the tips we discussed in mind,  assess the various remodeling services available in Minneapolis, and make smart choices.

Here’s hoping you’ll get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about soon!

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