Top 7 Kitchen Organization Tips for Small House

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Are you a kitchen maniac and love to hoard kitchen décor? Then you are in the right place. We have got some fantastic small kitchen organization tips for you. Please go through all of them and learn how to organize your kitchen and that too in less than 10 minutes!

Hang a pegboard

You might have seen a lot of beautiful designs of pegboard on Pinterest. However, they have more to it than just giving an elegant touch to your kitchen. You can hang all your pots and pans in one place instead then showing them inside your cupboards. By hanging a pegboard, your kitchen will be clutter-free, and you will be able to find that one pan that vanishes whenever it is needed. For all of those who do not know what a pegboard is, well, no problem! It is a predrilled hardboard hung on an unused wall. You can have it in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It helps in maximizing storage and gives your kitchen a clean look, especially if it is small. If you want to know more about how kitchen clutter affects the house’s overall look and specifically about how to organize small kitchens, then go online and look for essay samples for sale, you will get a better idea about it.

Use the tops of your cabinets

If you have space above your cabinets because they do not go up to the ceiling, you should use them. It is one of the best kitchen organization tips as you will reduce clutter without spending money. You can use these above-cabinet parts for bulky pots and pans or for your cookbooks, ingredients that are not used that often, and extra china. This space can also be used to show off a collection of unique ingredients or famous cookbooks. Do not try to clutter it as it will not be a pleasant sight. Try to keep it elegant and only keep the stuff that you do not use much.

Think like a minimalist

Get some inspiration from Pinterest and see how modern kitchens look like. Small kitchen organization is much easier if you think like a minimalist. Not only is it much more elegant, but it also keeps your kitchen clutter-free. You can start by scanning your kitchen and carry out an objective assessment. Try to forget about your sentimental attachments and thinks about keeping those things that are used regularly. Set aside all the things that are rarely used. These can be tools, appliances, cookbooks, and ingredients. You must identify duplicates of the stuff that you have put aside. Try to analyze that which sing-function appliance or tool can be replaced with a multifunction one. Get rid of all the old, broken, and dirty tools or items you will not use in the future. After this step, try organizing your kitchen. Hang a pegboard and use the above-cabinet spaces to reorganize. If you want to know more about how minimalists think to organize better, use the online essay writing service. The professionals will give you a great insight into it.

Consider a fold-down table

When we talk about “how to organize a small kitchen,” we immediately think about folding furniture. A fold-down table comes in very handy as it is more comfortable to store, clean, and shift to different places. You can take it outside to your garden, or you can have your meal inside the kitchen during winters. Just unfold the table, have your hot meal, clean up the mess, and fold it down. You can also have it as an extra table when guests come over. These tables can be kept away in the storage area. In this way, your kitchen will stay clutter and mess-free.

Get cute folding chairs and hang them up

Just like fold-down tables, you can get foldable chairs. These chairs are light in weight and can be hung on the walls easily. You will have a complete set of foldable furniture that can be unfolded and used during mealtimes and be kept away once you are finished. Traditional furniture is very bulky and gives a cluttered feeling, especially if you have a small kitchen. By having foldable and movable furniture, you will be able to have a spacious kitchen. These chairs can also be kept in your gardens, which is an added benefit. Therefore, whenever I am asked the question “how to organize kitchen,” my first answer is to get movable and foldable furniture.

Turn your backsplash into storage

Now, this is a brilliant idea when it comes to how to organize a kitchen. Every kitchen has a backsplash area. This can be used in several genius ways. You can hang towels in this area. A dish drying rack can be hanged here not to have to worry about drying your plates using a cloth. You can also use it to hang your knives. Spices are used in every single recipe. You can stack your spices in this area. In this way, you will keep your cabinets clutter-free, and they can be used to store something else. It will also help you show off the range of spices you can keep in cute little jars to give your kitchen a modern look. You can also hang measuring cups and other utensils in this place. You can use all these crazy smart tricks to store knives, towels, fresh produce, and your spices.

Use your windows as storage

Yes, you heard it right! Your kitchen windows can also become a storage place and help you in organizing your small kitchen. You can arrange all your cookbooks here. In this way, the cabinets can be used for the utensils. A rod can be hung in the windows, and you can hang all of your pots and pans here. Remember to pick up sturdy rods from the supermarket, and do not forget to get some S-hooks. If there is a lack of counter space, you can use your windows to dry up dishes and keep your soap and sponges. If you want more details about organizing a small kitchen, pay for essay at EssayBasics and ask the professionals to write an essay on this topic. In this way, you will be able to get further insights into making your kitchen clutter-free and giving it a more modern look.


Organizing a small kitchen can be tricky and time-consuming. You must be smart and must take a minimalist approach. Try to keep your sentimental attachments aside and get rid of all the unnecessary things. These tips will help you in getting a modern and elegant kitchen in no time.

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