From Storage to Style: 5 Reasons to Get a Platform Bed

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Buying a bed should be considered an important investment decision that you need to get right, especially when you consider how many hours you intend to spend using it and enjoying the joys of restful sleep.

Platform beds are a popular choice for a number of very valid reasons and when you also search mattresses for platform beds you will be delighted to see that the options are plentiful so you should be able to find exactly what you want.

Here is a look at why a platform bed would be such a good choice.

Great value for money

A key feature of a platform bed is the fact that because it uses closely set slats as a means of supporting your mattress you don’t have any need for box springs, which invariably add to the cost of your bed.

It goes without saying that a bed that does not have any need for expensive springs will save you money and you will not be compromising on quality or comfort while saving some serious money on your purchase cost.

Platform beds are on-trend

Another great reason for buying a platform bed would be that you would be following the current trend for beds that deliver a clean, sleek, and modern look in the bedroom that offers a really nice streamlined image.

If you are updating your bedroom and want a look that is really on-trend, look no further than a platform bed to help you achieve that aim.

Great for storage options

Platform beds offer a great advantage if you need to create as many storage options as possible to maximize the space you have available in the bedroom.

The majority of platform beds offer a range of drawer options and that means you have somewhere handy to put spare bedding or seasonal clothes without using up valuable wardrobe space.

A sturdy option

You will soon notice that platform beds are low to the ground and that allows the frame to deliver a greater level of stability than other types of beds available.

If you are someone who moves around a lot in the bed throughout the night it could be a wise move to buy a platform bed that offers you stability and sturdiness in equal measure.

Giving you the support you need

In addition to the benefits of a sturdy platform bed, it is also mentioning that this type of bed offers a firmer sleeping performance than its box spring counterparts.

If you like to ensure that your bed delivers a firmer feel rather than something more fluid that comes with springs, a platform bed would be the right choice.

It is also worth knowing that the platform design is highly suited to memory foam mattresses and that means you can get a brilliant combination of support and firmness for a great night’s sleep.

As you can see, a platform bed ticks a lot of boxes and that is why they are proving to be such a popular choice with buyers looking to upgrade and improve their sleep experience.

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