A Christmas Cleaning Checklist: Give A Refreshing Look To Your House

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A Christmas is now upon and people are planning to celebrate with a wonderful theme party. To recall the party, you cannot forget to give an invitation to all friends and family members. So, for the welcome of all guests, it is important to ensure your house is neat and clean or not.

Otherwise, your guest may get a surprise from the sticky smell, dirty windows, and unhygienic bathrooms. Hence, to give your house a refreshing look do not miss these checklist areas for house cleaning.

From where to begin cleaning your house……

Before going to embark on the cleaning process, it is important to create a checklist of your house areas. This will help you to make a quick start. All you need to carry is carrying paper and a pen and note down the cleaning areas. Pen down what you need to tackle in each room if your family members are going to help in the cleaning process. Assign some tasks to them. For example, you can assign room cleaning tasks to children. If you hire professional cleaners, you can take help from senior members just to look after what the professionals are doing.

This could make your task easy and accomplished on time.

Begin Your Cleaning Process….

Start with Living Room Cleaning

Some of the important areas for cleaning in the living room are:

  • Carpet Cleaning:Carpets in the living room enhance the house’s appearance. But with regular contact with guests, spills or stains are common. If you are able to remove the carpet stains on the spot, it will be great. Otherwise, do not hesitate to call a professional carpet cleaning services provider as they vacuum the carpets and rugs thoroughly to get rid of dust.
  • Mopping for Floors and corners: Mopping is the best remedy for cleaning all the hooks and corners of the house. But this time do not forget to wipe down the baseboards.
  • Couch: Remove the pillows and seat cushions covers and send them for dry cleaning. You can also buy new covers based on the Christmas party theme.
  • An air purifieris important to give your house a price location appearance.


Move toward your Kitchen


This is an area where you spend most of your time cooking dishes. So, pay attention to clean these areas in your kitchen:

  • Appliances: take a damp cloth and clean your kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, oven, dishwasher. Remove all extra material from the kitchen. If you feel any appliance is troubling you, call experts for their help.
  • Check counter: Countertops contain dirt and grime that can ruin your kitchen look. But these can be cleaned with any detergent or cleaning substance. Some, do not forget to clean your kitchen countertops.
  • Clean the Stove Top: getting spotless stove areas could be a big deal just before Christmas day. Therefore apply home-based remedies to get polished gas and oven appearance.

Bathroom area

There are four major areas in the bathroom that demand cleaning. These are mirror, sink, Toilet, and bathtub. If your guest goes to the bathroom for freshen-up, a dirty bathroom can give them tips to backbite for your party. Therefore, the best way is to clean the bathroom mirror that gives streak-free reflection and add a towel there. You can also add paper towels. To clean the ugly stains from the skin, add vinegar in the skin, and clear all strains.

No one likes to use a dirty toilet seat. Therefore, use professional toilet cleaners to clear all dirt from the toilet. If you don’t have time, the bathtub is an area where you can avoid cleaning. Just cover this place with a shower curtain and let it do after the Christmas celebration.

Bedroom Cleaning

A bedroom is a place where your guest might like to freshen up after a big bash party. Therefore, do not neglect this area. Give a proper time to clean rugs and carpet. Change your bedroom sheet just before the day of the party. This will make your task easy.

Windows play a prominent role

Most people neglect window cleaning in houses. Indeed, this is an important area in a house that demands a special place in the checklist. Windows put the first impression about the house on guests. So, keep them cleaned as soon as you start preparing for cleaning. The most asked question Can you clean windows with just water? The professionals recommend not to use only water to clean windows. Take essential supplements such as shampoo, detergents, etc to get a sparklingly clean look.

Even if you have a tight schedule, you can also hire a professional window cleaning service. These experts bring all essential cleaning tools and material to give a picture-taking view from the window.

The way Forward…..

Hope the above checklist helps you to complete your cleaning process in simple steps. You just need to create a list and follow it strictly before the celebration BEGINS.

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  1. I definitely agree that getting a professional to clean up a carpet to make sure all the dust and dirt is removed is the better idea. Since our own holiday plans aren’t over yet, and some of my relatives still want to visit for some get-togethers, I need to clean up as much as I can to make sure they don’t visit a messy house. Since my carpets have gotten thoroughly dirtied up, I’ll look for a carpet cleaning service in the area that can assist me.

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