How to Make Work From Home More Efficient

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In the time of the global pandemic, many workers have already gone fully remote, and looking at current trends, even more people are going to join them in the future. Work from home, however, isn’t as great as some may think. With non-work issues interfering with their tasks and the environment being not very office-like, people find it hard to stay productive.

Is there any way to fix this? Well, with the help of our friends from The Pattisall Group (, we’ve come up with a few useful tips for all who are or will be working remotely. Here are some solutions you may apply to make work from home more efficient and still enjoy life.

Take Care of Your Schedule

Work is, aside from completing assigned tasks, a series of rituals and habits. Little things like getting dressed, having a cup of coffee, or reading the news before starting your day add structure to your life. If you had something you used to do before becoming a remote worker, try to stick to it. If it’s no longer possible, find a new way to switch between your off-work and at-work modes. Keep this structure to stay sane in your home office.

What may help you make your messy life more structured is creating a weekly to-do list or a general schedule. Write down all the activities you need to do, arrange them in terms of their priority, and follow the list as if it was an important note from your boss. Don’t forget to find some space for food and relaxation as well, and don’t try to do everything in just one day. Plan your week wisely, so you don’t blame yourself for not meeting your unrealistic expectations.

Separate Your at-Home Self from Your at-Work Self

When working remotely, keeping a healthy work-life balance is essential. To achieve it, find the area in which you feel most comfortable working. Avoid places with high traffic flow and noise level – you need to concentrate. And if you can’t find a separate room for that, you can still isolate yourself from all the distractions by wearing noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. Don’t let other issues, like unpaid bills or new texts from your friends, get in the way; you’ll take care of them after work.

If you live with other people, it’s crucial to set up rules to follow during your office hours. Discuss the situation with your flatmates or family members and make clear you’re all on the same page. Talk about your needs and expectations, and decide what they can and can’t do while you’re at work.

Parents may find it especially difficult since young kids don’t fully comprehend the circumstances. They are likely to wonder why parents can’t give them the attention they ask for and be upset because of that. The solution is to talk to them and explain everything as clearly as possible. Ensure your child that you still love them, and you’ll have quality time together when you’re done with your daily grind.

Take a Break

As they fight with deadlines and tons of new tasks, people tend to forget the importance of taking breaks. Although this may sound counterintuitive, the key to productivity is letting yourself go at times. Forcing yourself to do your job when you’re tired or sleepy won’t do you any good; if you find yourself in such a state, consciously decide to stop what you’re doing and let yourself relax for a moment.

There are many ways you can do that in between your working periods: dancing to your favorite song, having a short meditation session, taking a walk around the house, etc. Pick one that works best for you and find the time for it in your schedule. It’s way better to start another project well-rested than on the verge of burnout.

The way you spend your time off work also matters. If you don’t have some me-time today, you may not feel great the next day, and eventually, you’ll lose all your motivation and energy. So, instead of working overtime when you don’t need to, spend your free time doing things you like or with the ones you love. You’ll thank yourself for that later.

You Can Do It!

Despite all odds, work from home doesn’t have to be torture. Simple adjustments, like developing a routine or separating yourself from distractions, can make a huge difference.

If you want to become a happy and productive remote worker, be sure to draw the line between your private life and your professional duties. Don’t make anyone and anything interfere with what you’re doing, but remember to find enough time for yourself and other people later. Keep in mind these three important C’s: Create a plan, Communicate with others, and Care for your needs. By applying them in your life, work will no longer be a reason to complain.

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