Choosing a Real Estate Agent – Things to Remember

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Execution of any business transaction is a Herculean job. Real estate deals also fall into this category. It is not easy to buy or sell a property, especially a residential one. However, all the formalities become simple when you hold the hand of an efficient realtor.

Unfortunately, finding a competent real estate broker has become difficult in recent times. The virtual world is flooded with umpteen options. All promise to be the best. Choosing one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Interestingly, you can simplify this daunting task by considering some of the points discussed below.

Rate of Commission

Coming straight to the point, the most important thing for you is to know the rate of commission. The charges vary and so you will find each broker quoting different amounts. You need to opt for the one that offers you the best service at a competitive rate. Going for the cheap ones is also not a good idea. Sometimes they bluff and you can face mounds of challenges. Selecting an expensive one will dip into your pocket, thereby resulting in a loss-making deal.


In every field experience matters but in real estate it is much more significant. If the realtor has sold more houses, then he understands how to treat different types of transactions. Sometimes there are not many complexities involved. These could be handled by a newcomer in this field. Nonetheless, there are instances when things go haywire then resolving it is challenging. According to Tony Dowdican, only a practiced realtor can help you out in such circumstances.

Skill to Negotiate

Everyone doesn’t have the knack to negotiate a deal. This attribute is rare to find and if you see someone possessing it then do not let the professional go. This type of realtor with the amazing talent of aggressive negotiation will ensure a quick and profitable sale. Excellent communications skill with the art of arbitration can only lead to positive results.

Strong Network

It is said early bird catches more and this is true to real estate situations too. This phrase might seem a cliché to you but in reality, it is not. The faster you are to grab a deal the better it is for you. For this, a broker needs to have a strong network that allows him to remain updated about the transactions taking place around him.

Customized Strategy

The needs of each client are different. For example, you might be someone who is in urgent need of money. You want to dispose of your home as soon as possible at a reasonable price possible. Your friend might be someone wanting to sell a residential property with maximum profit even if it takes time. The needs here are varying, so the approach towards selling both houses should also be different. A tailored home selling or buying strategy would be in the best concerns of all.

Further, when you have considered all the aforementioned points then do remember these things:

  • Look for referrals for better selection
  • Try to understand the realtor’s mindset during a conversation
  • Never ignore your intuitive feelings
  • Check the track record thoroughly

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