Hilton Leeds Arena: A Luxury Hotel for City’s Principal Business and Leisure

Hilton Leeds Arena 4

Hilton Leeds Arena is located between the new Rosebowl development, Leeds Metropolitan University, and Millennium Square. This hotel is a luxury hotel that will be the leisure hotel and the city’s principal business. The construction of Hilton Leeds Arena is considered by a historical context with a combination of a modern hotel and also a visual connection of it to the visitors.

5-star Hotel

Hilton Leeds Arena 4

The Leeds City Council planning committee is already approving the DMA’s plans for Hilton Leeds Arena as a 5-star hotel in the city. This awesome hotel is built fronting the Portland Crescent. Just like another 5-star hotel, Hilton Leeds Arena is completed with the best and high-class facilities.



Hilton Leeds Arena 3

Hilton Leeds Arena is designed with full height windows and also Portland stone cladding. The visual connection can be seen on the first floors and the glazed ground of the hotel interior. The bar and the restaurant facilities will provide and an awesome access to invite passers-by and hotel guests.



Hilton Leeds Arena 2

Hilton Leeds Arena has 206 bedrooms. The bedrooms feature a destination rooftop bar with the best views of the city. The height windows and the Portland stone cladding still becomes the main design idea for the hotel interior, includes the bedroom.



Hilton Leeds Arena 1

Once you enter this awesome hotel, you will get some awesome facilities to be enjoyed with your family. Hilton Leeds Arena is not only providing the best bedrooms ever but also a bar, a restaurant, and also conference functions for your business activities.

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