Seven Ways to Reflect Your Artistry While Redoing Your Home This Season

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Are you looking for some artistic sources of inspiration to provide you with some creative ideas? Are you confused about how to compose a poetic interior design for your place? Or you may have an idea but don’t know where to begin or manage all the things.

Having a place and owning it in all means is the best feeling. We often visit venues and fall in love with the décor or painting we saw at an exhibition. Since art is very subjective, everyone finds a unique feeling for the same abstraction. Thus, what can be better to express oneself and freewill through home décor.

Before embarking on redoing your house, you must be scrolling all through the Internet to find something written for you. If that’s the case, you just found one! When you get to show your inner self with proper guidance, you will discover yourself banding together with trendsetter in interior design.

Continue reading to discover some jaw-dropping ideas and tips that can prove a game-changer.


Follow this classic rule to get better, more creative, and subtle results. It states that 60% of the room should be painted with a dominant color, the other secondary color adding some textures should have 30% of the whole area, and the last 10% is entirely your artistry. It goes how you want yourself to be perceived. Select a bright or subtle or some sparkle and shine; its all you! Reflect your artistries using this color. You can also use geometric shapes while painting. If you have a tight budget, go for black and white pallets, and add your creativity while painting.


Interestingly, for centuries adding map art to the interiors has been fascinating to integrate subtle detailing and classic designing. The best thing about maps is that they never out date. Whether it is a complex country map or a tube map, you cannot deny how mesmerizing it is to look at it.

So, if you are an adventurous artist who wants to indulge versatility in his or her house, maps are the best option for you. You can use it on your ceiling, use tube maps in lamps, or use wallpapers with map designs.

I love the idea of using map blinds in the bedroom. Think of some lazy Sunday mornings where you can stay inert and fill your time looking at your dream places or having the most beautiful memories. Amazing, right?

You can also take a vintage map and break it in several pieces that can then be framed and used as wall hangings to define a map gallery.


Update your windows and introduce some novelty. Windows are the most overlooked corners while interior designing. Use them efficiently!

You can play with glass and blinds and can control how the light enters in there. Give them different colors and patterns. Trying out stylish window panels can be fun. You can also go bold and paint them; the options are millions.

If you want to keep it simple, match the curtains to the wall paints’ color, and it’s all done.


Landscaping your yard can completely change the final outlook of a house. Always use plants that can be best grown in your area and environment. Use multiple colors and shades to achieve a schematic effect. You can create anything using natural hues and patterns. Plants should be layered height-wise. Use taller plants in the back.

Always be patient in this. Create a plan and start working on it slowly. You need to give continuous attention to this or hire some professional. However, the final product claims its worth!


DIY designing is another artistic way to indulge your wildness in everything present out there. Just let your thoughts set free and create whatever comes in there. It is the best economical interior designing method. Even if you are not very good at DIY, don’t worry. Pinterest is full of unique ideas. These are easy to create but still have stunning final effects.


Retro designs are all about sleek, fancy styling. Play with bright colors to give a pop look to your house. The retro perspective will uplift your spirits every time you get out of your bed in the morning. It is a must go for an artist.


If you want to display your artistries in modern fashion trends, you need to go for subtle colors or balance bright with subtle ones. Most of the contemporary interior designers have a right blend of whites, blondes, and greys in practice today.

Do not make it fussy while trying to ooze your character out of every object. Ensure to make it useful and comfortable.


Your house is the biggest museum in your art, and it is your chance to prove your skills. Reflect yourself in every nook and corner. It can be the most significant opportunity to exhibit your skills beyond any boundaries. While redoing your space, try to keep it more comfortable for your everyday usage. Define your budget; make a plan, and work on it. My best bet stays using map art, as it is fantastic and artistic and versatile. Let us know if you have some novel interior designs. We would love to share!

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