Stand Alone vs. Attached Patio Shade: Which One to Go For?

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When it comes to renovating or creating a patio space, one crucial consideration that many homeowners forget about is shade. For those who live in a warmer climate, having the right type of shade can make or break the backyard, patio, or deck. One of the first and most important decisions to make is this: attached patio shade or standalone?

Purchasing one or the other is a big decision because it can alter the entire construction process and impact other factors as well. Generally, most homeowners prefer to have an attached shade. You can find more details here about the main benefits of choosing an attached or stand-alone shade. With the right choice, it’s simple and easy to elevate an outdoor living space and take it to the next level as a gathering place and spot to hang with family and friends.

Benefits of Attached Shade

One of the main benefits of choosing an attached shade is that it connects directly to the house. This means it deflects most of the hot sun that would shine right on the house, raising the interior temperature and costing more on utility bills. However, many homeowners prefer this method because it’s simple to walk straight into the cool shade the instant the back door is opened. This means you can be relaxed and comfortable the second the door opens. That will make it hard not to want to spend every sunny day on the patio!

Installing a south-facing shade will prevent the sun from invading the house no matter what time of day it is. Think about it: when you’re sitting in the house and the sun is coming in through the window or shining right on the wall/roof, it can become unbearably hot even with air conditioning. That’s why an attached shade provides some great benefits. Essentially, it’s like adding an extended living space outside of your home for family and friends to enjoy as well.

Benefits of Stand Alone Shade

There are many different advantages to choosing a stand-alone shade. For one, it provides a distant oasis away from the inherent chaos of the house to relax and enjoy yourself. Even a large, tiltable umbrella is a great solution, or go all out and get a pergola. It also allows for family and friends to enjoy any area of the yard or property they choose. It doesn’t limit you to just spending time right outside the door.

Instead, it’s fun and easy to create a brand new space, maybe out by the pool or the garden. Instead of eating in the kitchen, just head out to the table by the woods and enjoy the time spent in the cool grass or on a patio with family, friends, and loved ones.

Another cool benefit to having a stand-alone shade is that it can be changed or customized to any style or design. You could even completely change the look of the umbrella to a different model, upgrade to something better, or even an entirely different form of shade altogether. It allows for complete customization without all the expense of replacing an attached shade or awning.

Choose the Right Shade for Your Home: The Final Verdict

While you may be expecting a clear-cut answer about which shade is better, the answer is this: it’s entirely up to you! Carefully weigh the pros and cons and decide which fits best with your lifestyle and home. If you prefer being close to home, choose attached. For those who like to hang out away from the stress of their home life, stand-alone may be the best option. No matter what you prefer, it’s sure to provide you with a cool and comfortable spot to enjoy some shade and spend sunny days with family and friends.

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