6 Considerations When Building a Custom Home

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Building your own custom home is an exciting and rewarding adventure. You will finally own a home you have always dreamt of for yourself and your family. However, complications may pop up during construction, and sometimes you might know something went wrong once you move in.

While it’s impossible to prevent every problem or setback during the custom home-building process, you can reduce them by being well-prepared. Here are a few essential things to consider when building your custom home.

1. Construction team

It’s crucial to hire a qualified construction team for your custom home project in order to turn your dream into reality. You want to find a builder you can trust, and that fits your needs.

Check for online reviews and testimonials to get insight into your potential builders. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether there are any complaints against the builders.

Every builder uses a different process for building a custom home, so be sure to ask your potential architect or builder about their process and role in the construction project. Search for an experienced custom home builder like Mileham that can execute a smooth process from start to end, and that welcomes client’s input.

2. Location

Another essential factor to consider when building a custom home is the location. There is a high chance you don’t want to drive hours to get to work every day. Therefore, figure out how far you would need to commute to get to the places you need or like to go. You should also consider your proximity to good schools, especially if you have or plan to get children.

You might want to consider the neighborhood of your preferred location since it can determine the type of home you need to build. The community may have a theme, and you must blend in with the existing homes.

3. Budget

Your budget is an important aspect to consider even before you plan to build a custom home. You don’t want to design a home you can’t afford. Carefully plan a budget for your construction project and ensure you can afford your new home.

Know where you are willing to make compromises right from the beginning. For instance, you will want to avoid skimming on material quality or labor. While these things could save you money upfront, they might cost you a lot in repairs in a few years. You also need to budget other homebuilding-related expenses, including settlement fees, permits, and closing costs.

4. Financing

Of course, you will need to determine how you will pay for your custom home. Like most people, you will need to obtain a loan to help pay for the construction costs.

You typically need a construction loan and a permanent loan when building a new home. The construction loan will cover the building process, while the permanent loan can repay the construction loan covering the actual overall cost of the land and home.

Get pre-approved from a lender or bank before looking for a home builder. With a pre-approval, your potential lender will give you the offer to loan you a given amount of money, depending on your credit history and financial situation.

5. Time

Quality custom homes aren’t built in a single day. They take time, lots of planning, and commitment. A typical custom home-building project takes seven months to 2 years, though some smaller homes can be completed more quickly.

Finishing a semi-custom home project in 6-8 months may be possible, but a fully customized home will need at least 10 months to complete. How long the project will take will also be determined by the size and complexity of your home design.

6. Floor plan

Since you are building your dream home, you can decide on your floor plan. A floor plan is how and what you want your home to have. Know the spaces you require, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and determine the ones you want spacious and those you want small.

The size of the room depends on what is essential to you. For instance, your living room should be bigger if you love having guests. You might also need an open-plan kitchen, especially if you want to walk freely with your guests as you prepare them a meal.

You should also consider the sun’s direction when setting your rooms. Let the living area and main bedroom be in the direction the sun sparkles in the morning. This design will offer a lot of essential natural lighting to your home.


Building a custom home may seem daunting, but that shouldn’t prevent you from acquiring your dream home. With proper planning and the right professionals by your side, you can make your dream of owning a custom home a reality.

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