4 Inventive Ways to Hide Your AC Unit

Putting cover on air conditioner unit

In Orlando, having air conditioning is essential for your home. Unfortunately, an outdoor AC unit isn’t the most picturesque sight in your yard. Sometimes, the only thing you want to remind yourself that your AC is working as it should is the ambient noise it makes while its running. You don’t want it jutting out like an eyesore by your pool deck.

However, there are ways to hide it and make it less noticeable in your backyard paradise. The most important thing to remember when you creatively cover up your outdoor unit is that you need to allow for proper airflow. The unit’s functionality depends on it being able to draw in air. Blocking the airflow will reduce its effectiveness and may cause it to overheat.

Another consideration you’ll want to keep in mind is that your chosen method of concealing the AC unit should allow for easy access. When you need maintenance on your unit, you don’t want to prevent the AC repair company from being able to access it.

With those considerations in mind, here are four inventive ideas to help you hide your outdoor AC unit and keep your yard looking uncluttered.

1. Lattice Vine Wall

A lattice wall is a simple, smart, and beautiful way to hide your AC unit while still allowing essential airflow. You can paint it any color you wish and allow morning glories or other plants to grow on the lattice.

Don’t position the lattice too closely to the unit because the condenser releases heat, which could damage the flowers. Additionally, you’ll want to check regularly to ensure that any debris from the growing vines does not get caught up in the unit.

2. Painted Pallet

While you can buy a lattice wall, if you’re more of a DIY person, you can grab an old shipping pallet and turn it into a work of art. Paint the pallet in colors that match your home, or give it an artistic design. Stencils can help you create the right aesthetic, whether you prefer flowers, seascapes, or any other type of design. This will conceal the unit and add an artful touch to your yard.

3. Lattice Screen Planter Box

You can turn your conspicuous AC unit into part of the landscape by covering it with a lattice screen planter box. This would be better for a handyman to create unless you’re handy with woodworking.

You can encase the AC unit in a lattice-style box with planters, perfect for growing your favorite blooms. Make sure the box is designed so there is plenty of clearance to let the heat out. You’ll also want to make it accessible for maintenance.

4. Bamboo Wall

For a serene vibe in your backyard, adding a bamboo wall that shields your view of the unit is one of the easiest things you can do. It will hide the unit while creating a more peaceful setting.

Click on this URL to learn more about different ways you can hide your AC unit!

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