The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them!

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Are you having problems with your roof? Do you feel as if there’s an ongoing issue, but are unsure of what it is? Perhaps you’re just wanting to learn more about roof issues so that you can be quick to identify a problem.

Several common roof problems can occur. It’s important to know what those are and how you can fix them or delay them until help arrives.

See below for an in-depth guide on the most common roofing problems, as well as more information on what to do if you were to ever experience them in your house.

  1. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the biggest inconveniences in all of homeownership. If your roof starts to leak, then its a sign the roof has been compromised. The longer you delay repairs, the worse that it’s going to get.

There are many different reasons why you might have a roof leak (or two). It could be that your roof wasn’t installed properly, the moisture barrier has been compromised, or the flashing was installed incorrectly.

No matter what the reason, you have to act fast. The more that your roof leaks, the more water will puddle and more moisture will be sealed inside. This can lead to mold growth in your ceiling, as well as the entire ceiling caving in if not repaired quickly.

Be sure to contact a roofing South Jordan company to get your roof leaks repaired and back to normal.

  1. Broken or Absent Shingles

The shingles in your roof play a very important role in your roofing system. They are the first line of defense from all of the elements outside, espeically water.

There is also an underlayment that’s located underneath the shingles which acts as a reinforcement. However, the underlayment isn’t intended to be directly exposed to torrential rain, snow, hail, etc.

Whenever the shingles become broken, cracked, or go completely missing, your entire roofing system is weakened. Now your only hope is the underlayment, which won’t hold forever.

The tricky part is knowing when a shingle has fallen off before damage is done. That’s why it’s important to schedule a frequent roof inspection so that you can keep up with any damaged or missing pieces.

If the roof inspector notices that your shingles are starting to look worse for the wear, they can replace them as need be. That way, you can assure that no shingles will be the downfall of your home’s roof.

  1. Damage to Electric Utilities 

If water leaks into your ceiling, then you risk more than the spread of mold. You also risk having all of your electrical utilities in your ceiling compromised.

That includes any electrical wiring, lights, or ceiling fans that you might have. It doesn’t take much water to cause these things to short circuit and start working. Not to mention, it could cause a fire.

If you notice any signs of leaking or short-circuiting in your ceiling fixtures, be sure to contact a roofing specialist right away.

The top priority is making sure that your roof is secure and all the water is removed from inside your ceiling. Once that’s finished, you can contact an electrician to come out and fix the damaged fixtures.

  1. Tree Damage

All it takes is one strong enough wind to change your lives for the foreseeable future. The damage can be detrimental.

While it’s true that even the latest roofing technology can’t fully stand up to the forces of nature, it can certainly help. There might be things that fall on your roofs such as small, medium, or large tree branches, or even the tree itself.

First, if you notice that a tree is starting to die on your property, pay to have it removed by a professional tree removal service. things like trunk damage, infection, pests, and fungus growth are all key indicators that your tree is dying and needs to be taken down.

Next, you want to be preventative and reach out for a roof inspection. The roofing expert can tell you of any potential threats to your roof, any damage that needs to be fixed, and so on.

Lastly, if a branch does hit your roof, make sure to contact for a roofing expert to come out and take a look. You’d rather be safe than sorry!

  1. Water Spots in Your Home

Imagine the horror of walking into one of the rooms in your home and noticing a dark water spot on your ceiling.

Rather than shrugging it off and letting it worsen, you need to contact a roofing specialist to come to take a look. Water spots are the first indication that there’s a larger problem at hand, namely a roof leak.

Before you contact an expert, you can try climbing into your attic and looking at what’s causing the discoloration. That way, you can let the roofing expert know what they’re dealing with on the initial call.

However, if you can’t spot the cause, don’t get discouraged. Reach out to a roofing service and schedule a time for them to come take a look.

Identify the Most Common Roofing Problems Within Your Home

Now that you’ve seen a list of the most common roofing problems, it’s time for you to keep an eye out for them in your home.

Take the time to walk through your home and on your roof to spot any potential problems that would require an expert’s opinion.

Also, be sure to browse our website for more articles on roofing problems, as well as many other topics that you’ll find helpful.

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