Accidents Happen: The 7-Step Process for Replacing a Broken Window

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Every home or business needs windows to let in light. Some windows are fixed and do not open and others open and close so fresh air and ventilation can be added to a space. Single pane windows that break can be repaired by replacing the glass pane. Double or triple glazed windows are more complicated to repair. The whole unit might need to be replaced by a window repair expert. There is a 7-step process to repairing single-pane windows and many of the steps apply to double pane windows also.

Protective Glass Films

Before there are any broken or damaged windows, property owners can add window film security to avoid shattered windows and glass injuries. People add different types of films for several reasons.

  1. Security glass film makes it more difficult for burglars or vandals to smash glass out of windows. The film holds the glass in place until it can be replaced and prevents entry.
  2. 2. In public buildings, adding safety glass films prevents people getting injured by flying glass in case of explosions, or events such as earthquakes or severe weather events.
  3. Tinted glass films can prevent glare and UV solar damage. Tinted films can also offer a degree of privacy.
  4. Anti-graffiti films protect windows from vandalism or graffiti. The film can be removed and replaced less expensively than the glass.

7 Steps For Single Glass Pane Window Repair

The property owner can replace broken glass panes themselves or hire a professional glass repair company to do the job for them. These 7 steps get the broken window replaced safely. If the window is a double or triple pane energy efficient type window, the whole unit might need to be replaced by a professional glass company since the space between the layers of glass must be sealed.

  1. A person working with broken glass can get injured by the sharp edges if not wearing protective gear. Before starting the repair wear a long sleeve shirt and gloves. Put a drop cloth down to protect nearby floors and furniture.
  2. Now, use care to remove the broken window or the cracked window glass and the window glazing putty at the edges of the glass. The old putty may need to be softened with linseed oil or heat to be removed easily. It may be easier to remove the whole window frame to work on more conveniently.
  3. Clean the window frame thoroughly to get it ready for the new glass window pane and glazing putty.
  4. Measure the opening in the window frame for replacement glass. Measure carefully because glass can not have bits trimmed or added. The glass should be slightly smaller than the space it will fill. The glass should cover the opening. A window frame has an opening with an overhang of frame material to hold the glass in place.
  5. 5. Cover the window with plywood, chip board, or boards while waiting for the replacement glass. Or, better yet, measure and order the glass before removing a cracked pane. The building should be secured to retain heating, cooling, and security during this process.
  6. Order the replacement glass pane from a local glass supplier matching the type of glass removed. This can be a local glass company, hardware store, or building supply store. If possible, remove the window frame and take it to the glass supplier for a guaranteed perfect fit.
  7. Install the glass into the frame with a glazier’s tool, points, and window putty, or install the frame that has been removed to get new glass into the window space. At this point, the trim paint might also need to be repaired. The new glass will need to be cleaned and the glazing putty edges trimmed.

Call in The Professionals

Those property owners who are not comfortable working with glass or window repairs are really better off calling a professional window repair service to get the job done safely and quickly. This job takes a skill level that many homeowners do not have.

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