The Grand Reopening: How to Restart Your Bed and Breakfast Post-COVID

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Do you own a small business? If so, you understand the major challenges faced by millions of people just like you right now. COVID has made things tough on everyone.

This is especially true for anyone who owns and operates a bed and breakfast. After all, fewer people are traveling, and when they do, they need to feel safe. That’s why it’s so important to take follow CDC guidance for guest accommodations when planning your grand reopening.

This article takes a look at tips for room sanitization to ensure the safety of everything that stays with you. Keep reading to get the inside scoop at how to keep you B&B as clean and healthy as possible.

Prevention and Protection Measures

The first step in reopening your business will be to utilize critical measures to keep your guests safe.

This includees taking body temperature measurements for all staff and guests before being allowed inside, as well as contactless electronic payments, and separate entry and exit points.

In addition, every bedroom will need to be thoroughly sanitized, work schedules reorganized, and you’ll need to establish a strict policy for the management of symptomatic individuals. It’s also imperative to create social distancing guidelines and to provide face masks for anyone who needs one.

Click here to learn more about proper disinfecting.

Essential Requirements

There are a number of items that you’ll need to make available for guests and staff alike. These include face masks, hand sanitizer, as well as any other hygienic items that will help make their stay at your bed and breakfast as safe and pleasant as possible.

Proper social distancing is a must, especially in the reception area and the dining room.

The Entrance

At the entrance, have a small table with masks, gloves, and disinfectant gel. This is also the area where you should check each guest’s temperature before they are allowed inside your home.

It’s also important to place a list of rules on the wall in order to reduce confusion about what is allowed and not allowed during their stay.


In the corridors throughout the building, place directional areas on the floor in an effort to minimize interaction between guests. You should also provide access to hand sanitizer and waste bins.

Indoor Common Areas

It’s important to limit occupancy in common areas at any given moment. This includes providing a limited number of chairs so that guests aren’t tempted to linger in the space for any longer than necessary. The key is to keep everyone separated and moving as much as possible.

Outdoor Common Areas

The same goes for outdoor areas. After all, while guests might feel a bit safer interacting in the fresh air, safety should remain the time priority. It’s should be fine to provide two or three tables with two seats for each table, but the less your guest actually interact with each other or your staff the better.

A Guide to Planning the Grand Reopening of Your Bed and Breakfast During the COVID Pandemic

Running a business is more challenging now than ever. Fortunately, these tips for keeping your bed and breakfast safe during COVID will help your grand reopening be as enjoyable and successful as possible.

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