4 Ways To Arrange The Entertainment Part Of Your Home

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Some people just set up their entertainment in their own room, some prefer to have it in a larger area like the drawing-room while some build a dedicated room for entertainment. Having a dedicated entertainment space is an ideal solution but it isn’t possible in every kind of home. People that have an empty basement or an extra floor above them can afford this luxury.

However, even in a common area of the home such as the drawing-room, you can build a well-thought-out and functional entertainment space. Getting some movable walls to close off the area will also work very well, or you can just use some indoor plants and other decorations to give that area some privacy. The entertainment space itself can be set up in a few different ways. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Table Sports

One of the most popular things to have in an entertainment area is table sports setups. This can include things like foosball, snooker, table tennis, or billiards. The main challenge with this kind of setup is that it requires a substantial amount of space. In most cases, you will need at least 100 square feet. For instance, just the table tennis table itself is 45-50 square feet and then you’ll also need room to move around and play.

Moreover, you can’t have the table cramped into a corner, so you need a space that is large enough to accommodate the table in the center. Then, if you want to seat near the table where friends can sit and watch the game and you also want other things like a little fridge nearby, your space requirements increase further.

2. Media

For some people, entertainment means playing video games, watching movies, and listening to some great music. How you do these things can vary a lot, but some of the basic components you will need to include a good screen, seating, and speakers.

There is a bit more flexibility in terms of space when you are designing an entertainment area for media because these are much smaller components and you will mostly just be sitting in a seat. You can have the TV unit just 10 feet away from where you are sitting, the speakers can be mounted on the walls, and within 20 feet you can have a nice setup. If you want a very large screen or even a projector, then you will need to increase the distance to about 30 feet. Also, consider getting sound insulation installed to get better audio while you play games and also to prevent loud music from disturbing others in your home. Basements are a fantastic place for a media-oriented entertainment space.

3. Activities

If you want the best of a few different worlds, space will be the limiting factor. Trying to get a table tennis setup, video gaming setup, and sitting area into one room will be challenging unless you have a large open basement.

An easier solution is to divide the different activities and spread them out across the relevant areas. For instance, you could have the video gaming setup tucked away under the main TV in the house, the table tennis table could be folded-up out on the patio and you could have a small sitting area for your friends and guests in a guest room. This way, you don’t need to have one dedicated space for everything and you can include many more activities.

4. Theme

If you have decided to use a dedicated space and making it visually appealing is a priority, then consider having a theme. If you have a favorite movie, game, or any other keen interest, the entire décor can be based on that interest. You can add in your favorite entertainment accessories depending on how much space you have. You can even further accessorize the different things in that space to match the theme.

For instance, you can change the material on the sofas and seats to match the colors and the style of the rest of the room. You can get LED lights with changeable colors so you can adjust the lighting to your preference. There are countless ways to customize according to your theme.

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The great thing about having a dedicated entertainment area in your home is that you can go all-in with things that you enjoy. You don’t have to worry about making it suitable for all occasions since it is not designed to be a multi-purpose area. It’s still important to take care of the basics such as making it safe for children if you have children around or having the right safety accessories if there is any kind of hazard in that area. If you enjoy DIY projects then this is a great activity to invest in.

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