Essential Things You Should Know About Buying a New RV Mattress

Rv Mattress

Everyone needs to try having a road trip across the country at least once in their life. Before getting your van rolling, your sleeping quarters need to be fixed first. Being on the road almost all day is tiresome. According to a US study, drivers who missed even just an hour of the recommended seven hours of sleep doubled their risk of getting into a vehicular accident. If you do not want to be part of the statistics, you need to get a quality RV mattress for a more restful sleep.


Characteristics of RV mattresses

If you are traveling long-distance, every weight counts. You do not want to strain your tires unnecessarily or make it difficult for your vehicle to maneuver because of a heavy load. As such, you need to buy specially designed RV beds that are lightweight. Unlike regular mattresses, RV mattresses are less than 12-inches thick to lessen their weight and make them fit comfortably in bunk beds or floating platforms.

Additionally, unless you had your van bed custom-made, the most common sizes categories are King (72″ x 75″), Queen (60″ x 75″) and Double (48″ x 75″). Though they are labeled the same as regular beds, vehicle mattresses are at least five inches smaller than traditional sizes. Once again, this restriction in size reduces the weight that the van has to carry and makes the mattress fit in the limited amount of space.


Types of RV mattresses

If you are wondering about the options that you have for your trailer, the most common ones are air mattresses, coil mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses.

  • Air Mattress

The design of an RV air mattress is patterned after a blow-up mattress use for camping. Many people like it because its firmness level can be adjusted. It is a high-end option that ranges from $1,100-2,000. However, despite its price, some experts do not recommend using this kind because it is prone to leakages. You do not want to wake up in the middle of the night, feeling uncomfortable, because it suddenly deflated while you sleep. Aside from the hassle, the cost of having it repaired is quite high as well. If your air mattress does not have a warranty, asking your manufacturer to fix it will put a dent in your pocket. Another reason why it is not highly recommended is because it is difficult to assemble. Therefore, if you are an older person with back and joint problems, you might have to request someone to assemble it for you; otherwise, doing it yourself will pose a risk to your health.

  • Coil Mattress

On the other hand, a coil mattress is the opposite of an air mattress when it comes to weight characteristics. It is built with springs, which add to its weight. The presence of springs also makes it prone to condensation and rusting. Nevertheless, a few people still prefer this option simply because they can sleep comfortably on it.

  • Latex Bed

Another type of RV mattress is a latex bed, which is naturally made from rubber trees. As such, many eco-friendly road-trippers go for this kind of bed. Aside from this reason, a latex bed is also highly resistant to dust mites, microbes, and other allergens. Since the van is often exposed to many elements like wind, smoke, and water droplets from the outside, this is perfect for people with sensitive skin. If you would like to invest in it, be prepared to shell out $600-1,000 for a unit.

  • Foam Mattress

Finally, the most popular kind of RV bed is the foam mattress. It is the cheapest of its kind since you can score one for around $300-500. An ordinary foam mattress is 6-8” thick. It also has a density of 1.8-2 lbs, which allows it to carry more bodyweight. As such, you do not need to worry about lying on a depressed bed because it will retain its shape despite regular use. You can still opt for a lighter one, but it may not be as durable.

If you want an upgraded version, you can get a memory foam. It might be more expensive by a hundred dollars, but the extra cash that you will throw in is worth it.


Final consideration

Aside from the mattresses’ size and weight, one important consideration you need to look for is the bed’s warranty and return policy. Since you will be spending hundreds of dollars on this fixture, make sure that it has adequate coverage in case it incurs damages.

Ensuring that the product has a return policy will also give you peace of mind. Some people are very particular with the kind of mattress they sleep in. If the bed is too rigid or too soft for them, they might have difficulty sleeping. Therefore, it would be wise to buy from a store that will allow you to try it out first for a few days and provide you with the option of replacing it if it does not suit you.

Buying an RV bed is not as simple as buying regular ones. There are many things to consider, such as the weight, size, material, and warranty of the product. If you are having difficulty choosing, consult a trusted manufacturer to help you narrow down your options.

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