REDstead: A Serene Modern Mountain Homestead with Connected Structures and Japanese Concept

REDstead 2

REDstead is a serene modern mountain homestead designed by rowland+broughton located on a naturally bouldered site above the Red Mountain Ranch Meadow. With a holistic approach, this house is designed as an Aspen retreat for a Los Angeles-based couple. The structures are connected through time and natural materials, completed with a beauty inspired by the Japanese concept.


REDstead 1

REDstead 2

The architect takes a holistic approach for this house design, especially to create it as a comfortable retreat for the couple. The house offers stunning views from Aspen Mountain to Independence Pass, easily providing a place of wellness and also comfort. Some elements are also drawn into the house from the exterior to create a peaceful sense.



REDstead 3

REDstead 4

The structures are connected through natural materials. Those structures are combined with each other, providing a modern interpretation of the area’s historic vernacular. The appreciation of a transient beauty is encouraged and inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. This beauty comes in simple open forms inspires a free spiritual nature too.



REDstead 5

REDstead 6

Some elegant details are added to the house, delivering a sense of understated sophistication. For the overall experience, the architect also creates additional exterior focal points by transitioning existing boulders into some smaller outcroppings that can bring the adjoining meadow up to surround the home exterior area.

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