Use Concrete to Introduce Style and Warmth into your Interior Design

Ever considered introducing concrete into your home in order to create a warm, intimate vibe everyone craves and loves? Probably not, and no one can blame you. Concrete is not usually considered to be a warm material, figuratively or literally, by the modern homeowner, but that is all about to change.

Concrete is actually anything but cold or mundane in a modern household design, and not only can it be incorporated to complement any ambiance, it can also radiate warmth both literally and figuratively if introduced properly. Here to banish the unfounded negativity surrounding concrete and inspire you to introduce this timeless design solution into your household are some of the best features of concrete.

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It’s warmer than you think

Contrary to popular belief, concrete is not at all cold, or rather it doesn’t have to be if you design the layout properly. Concrete is an effective thermal mass, able to trap and radiate heat slowly if you allow it to bask in the direct sunlight during the day. Unlike timber or carpets, concrete slowly radiates warmth throughout the day and into the night, decreasing your utility bills in the long run.

Furthermore, while concrete can look cold on its own, it can easily be warmed up by complementing the slab with warm-looking materials such as wooden elements, rugs, and furniture. This makes concrete a perfect base for any setting, which we will get to in a minute.

Plan in advance

One of the biggest advantages of concrete is that it can be fitted out with underfloor heating systems, really bringing out the warmth of the material that will radiate throughout the house and create a comfy setting. However, concrete is usually poured before any of the walls are erect, so you will need to plan all of its features well in advance.

Not only is prior planning crucial when installing heating systems, but it is also important in order to achieve unique finishes that will give your home a dash of personality. Be sure to protect the slab by covering it up with plywood until the building project is complete.

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Get a professional

When considering introducing concrete floors, it’s important to inquire with a professional and not try to carry out the project yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. Unlike wood or other elements, mixing and pouring concrete is precise work, where even the slightest mistake can cost you dearly.

Experts such as those at Geostone can help you plan the concrete layout, choose the colors as well as the mixing materials. The great thing about concrete is that it can be mixed with numerous similar materials, giving it a unique look. All you have to do is simply to choose how warm and comfy you want the finished product to be.

It goes with everything

Speaking of warmth and comfort, depending on the style of your concrete floor, you can make it work with almost any other design solution in your home. From wrought iron furniture to wooden cupboards and elements all the way to colorful rugs, throw blankets and pillows.

If you are more of an artistic soul, then a concrete floor can wonderfully complement the paintings on the walls as well as the wallpaper. From rustic ambiances to modern minimalistic settings, a concrete floor can complete any interior style.


Add details or color?

In case you didn’t know, there are all sorts of finishes for you to choose from for your concrete floor. You can choose a gloss or a matte finish, you can color the concrete to fit your unique style, or you can go with a natural, grey look of concrete that is complemented with numerous of the aforementioned details. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this material; you only need to let your imagination run free.

The concrete interior design is not always the first thing that comes to a homeowner’s mind, but it sure is one of the first things a modern interior designer thinks of. Fortunately, with these contemporary design tips, you will have no problems envisioning a warm and welcoming household imbued with the timeless flair of concrete.



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