Learn What to Do With Tree Stumps to Make Your Yard & Home Look Amazing

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70% of homeowners prefer doing their own home improvement projects. This includes landscaping and garden designs, as well as home decor.

Salvaging materials found in your backyard helps create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Tree stumps make for a natural and simple decor idea for indoor and outdoor use. They offer a rustic style with unique texture and character.

So, ready for some inspiration for what to do with tree stumps? Here are a few creative ways to enhance your home’s style with stumps.

Create Extra Seating Around Your Outdoor Fire Pit

There has been an increasing demand for homes having outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. These backyard living features offer more entertainment with bonfires and cookouts.

If you’re wondering what to do with a tree stump, use them for extra seating. Tree stumps offer the perfect-sized seats to place around a fire.

Keep seating simple with cut stumps and scatter them around the fire. You can also add backing onto your stump seating. Do this by carving into the sides and bottom of the wood.

If you have a large enough stump, you can turn it into a bench or loveseat. This way more than one person can fit on the seat.

This is one of the many creative ideas for what to do with tree stumps. These top chainsaw brand names are best for completing these new projects.

Style Your Fireplace

Once you get rid of a tree stump it can help enhance your interior decor. One idea is to place short stumps around the fireplace hearth. Then you can put candles or lanterns on top of them.

Stumps can also be turned into a small stool. Have the tree stump act as a supportive base.

Then use a flat circular piece of wood as the top of the stool. You can place decor items on top or use it to hold a few pieces of firewood.

Stumps are great to use for styling your fireplace over the holidays as well. Use them to display Christmas decor or small evergreen trees. You can even use a stump to leave milk and cookies out for Santa.

Display Your Plants

Having more indoor plants in your home boosts your health. Plants get rid of 87% of toxins in your indoor air. They also help to reduce symptoms of stress.

Tree stumps make for great planters, both indoors and out. Placing your plants on a high surface helps keep pets and children from playing with them as well.

It’s easy to place decorative vases, pots, or planters directly on top of the stump. You can also carve into the stump and place the plants inside, soil and all.

Stumps provide a creative way to make an outdoor herb garden. You can use varying heights for different herb varieties. A big bucket placed over a few stumps of the same height also looks great.

Boost Function with Different Table Styles

A stump provides great support for a functional table. This can be a farmhouse style table for extra outdoor dining options. A small accent table to use indoors is another option.

The tree stump will need to be ground as flat as possible to ensure a proper table surface. You can use wood, metal, or glass to construct your tabletop, depending on the look you’re going for. Leave the stump as natural wood, or paint it a certain color.

Stumps provide whimsical ideas for kid’s rooms and playrooms as well. Use them to make tree-style bookshelves. A stump can even be turned into a child’s play table. Add a circular tabletop for a place to play games and puzzles.

Build a Super Cool Slide

If you’re looking for tall tree stump ideas, a slide is your best bet. You can use a tall and thick stump to build a new play slide.

This is easy to do by securing a plastic slide on one side of the stump. Be sure to add safe steps for the child to climb up the tree. Build a fence or netting around the top of the stump to increase safety further.

Add a Bit of Whimsy to Your Garden

Wondering how to deal with a tree stump that stands in the way of your outdoor plans? Stumps can be well-integrated into your existing landscaping design.

They can be used to create a lovely garden path or to separate out garden beds. Stumps also make a fun statement piece in your outdoor garden. Nestle them among your plants or flowers for a rustic vibe.

You can use stumps to make a wooden home suited for gnomes or fairies. Include small windows and doors and a wooden roof. Small accessories will also add more imagination for children to play with.

Add moss and mushrooms for a more authentic look. You can also turn a stump into a giant mushroom by crafting a cap made of thin metal.

Another idea to enhance your garden space is to create stump wood carvings. Turn these into sculptures of woodland creatures living inside of a tree. Carving faces into the stumps is another great form of artwork.

Liven up a Backyard Event

A tree stump removal can give you plenty of event-related decor items to use as well. Use these stumps at a backyard dinner party, birthday celebration, or wedding. They offer an easy and affordable way to enhance any outdoor event.

Tree stumps can be used to help display decor. This includes items like glass candle holders and decorative lanterns.

Stumps offer a place to set drinks and small food plates down as well. Another idea is to wrap twinkle lights around tree stumps.

Stumps can even get cut down to help make centerpieces for the dinner tables. You can place a floral arrangement on top of a wooden slab for a rustic and trendy vibe.

What to Do with Tree Stumps to Enhance Your Home

So, what to do with tree stumps now that you have so many creative choices? Tree stumps offer a stylish, sustainable, and simple way to enhance your home. They can help transform your garden, fireplace, or backyard living area.

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