Judging a Book by the Cover: 5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

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A well-manicured lawn can increase your house’s value by nearly 13 percent. This is just one of the many small tasks you can do to advance your home’s curb appeal.

And if you aren’t selling your home, you can still afford to increase your curb appeal on a budget and reap the rewards of seeing it every day.

Read on to discover the top five ways to easily transform the front of your home.

1. Give Your Home a Wash

Even homes need a bath on occasion. Some great front of house ideas includes giving your home a good washing to remove dirt and grime.

You can start by taking the hose to the sidewalks and driveway to remove old leaves, soil, and any residue. The hose might be powerful enough to squirt the sides of your house or you might need to rent a power washer.

Next, clean the outside of your windows with some glass cleaner. Then you can get a scrub brush and clean shutters or window frames with some warm water and gentle soap.

2. Tend to the Front Door and Garage Door

The entrances to your home are the focal point of your house. You can simply pick a new paint to make them pop and look fresh.

But, if they are really old, you may need a new door with updated fixtures to get a front door curb appeal. Or you may need garage door repairs if you haven’t opened it since last summer.

Perform the necessary maintenance so that they function properly and look their best.

3. Add Flowers and Shrubs

Nothing makes a yard more attractive then curb appeal landscaping with freshly planted flowers and trimmed bushes.

You may need to invest in your garden or you might just need to do some trimming and weeding. Either way, you can arrange your garden to appeal from the curb.

Place flowers to enhance focal points like window sills by adding a hanging planter box. Or line your walkway or surround your mailbox with colorful flowers.

4. New Light Fixtures

Front yard curb appeal doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Keep your house bright and joyful with proper lighting fixtures.

This makes guests feel more welcomed and your family feel safer. You can create a lit path along the driveway or add a post to light up the steps leading to your door.

5. Update Hardware

Old iron rails and rusted doorknobs create an image of carelessness. Replacing them is a cheap way to revive your house for the 21st century.

Chose hardware that matches your curb appeal design. A rancher might not look right with modern platinum, but old-fashioned copper would be perfect.

Planning Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

Don’t make the mistake of rushing your curb appeal on a budget project. Think about what your house needs the most and determine the cost before making any purchases.

For design inspiration, visit the house section of our blog to see some of the most amazing curb appeals from around the world.

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  1. My dad would like to improve his home’s curb appeal by fixing its driveway’s cracks and holes through paving. Well, we share the same opinion that his home must be free from grimes and molds too. I also agree with you that the garage door repair is necessary.

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